Terps Score as USA Advances in WLR3

March 10, 2013

RIO DE JANIERO, Brazil - Paula Infante and Chile also advanced.

"This is a great result for Pan American Hockey," Terrapin head coach Paula Infante."

Team USA finished with a near-perfect record, defeating Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Trinidad and Tobago and drawing Scotland in regulation.

"I am very happy with the way the results panned out," said head coach Craig Parnham. "This is really an important stage for us as it is the start of the new journey. I had limited time with the group prior to the tournament so it was really crucial we got through this week and did what we needed to do which was qualify. The work starts now and there is a lot of work technically and tactically we need to address but what is really encouraging is the group of players here have a real willingness and commitment to learn and develop."

Claire Laubach initiated the scoring for the U.S. on a penalty corner three minutes after the start of the match. Lauren Pfeiffer was next, capitalizing in front of the net with a field goal in the 23rd. Alesha Widdall replaced Jackie Kintzer in goal nine minutes before halftime.

Katie O'Donnell and Torrie Albini each added one goal apiece before finishing the first half with a 4-0 lead over Trinidad and Tobago. Jill Witmer scored the first goal of her national team career early in the second half and Laubach logged her second goal of the match on a penalty corner in the 54th minute.

World League Round 3 will be Team USA's first opportunity to qualify for the 2014 World Cup that will be held in London, England, June 22-30, 2013.

Infante and Chile finished second and will also automatically be advancing to World League Round 3. The International Hockey Federation will announce the teams joining Team USA in London this summer for World League Round 3 next week.