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Postgame Quotes
January 19, 2014
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

No. 6/6 Maryland 92, Georgia Tech 81

Head Coach Brenda Frese

Opening Statement:
“Like I told the team, I compare these games with Georgia Tech like we’re going to the dentist and getting drilled. Every time we play them in these matchups they’re close, they’re tight. It’s tough, physical battles. I thought we did a tremendous job, especially in the second half, of staying under control with our poise. To see a stat line of 43 free throws, we did a tremendous job of going up and making free plays in terms of the offense. Just a tremendous team win against an NCAA tournament team. I though we showed a lot of character and toughness in the second half.”

On their defense in the second half:
“We were just more locked in and we made them take more difficult shots. We stretched hands and really competed.”

On what they talked about at halftime:
“We talked about our rebounding. We were disappointed in both ends of the floor and I thought we were able to get some second chance opportunities and really defend to be able to get it off the glass and get our in transition.”

On Georgia Tech’s press:
“They’re extremely athletic. You saw in the second half where they just continued to send two people every time the ball went to the wing on or on the reversal, something that we practice a lot in terms of our press break and being available. They do a tremendous job.”

On Georgia Tech guard Kaela Davis:
“She is a great player. She’s long, athletic and she scores in a variety of ways so she was a difficult matchup for us in terms of a high volume shooter that takes a lot of shots. Credit her. She was really aggressive in terms of shooting the three and her pull up game today.”

Maryland Forward Alyssa Thomas

On the matchup with Georgia Tech:
“It was typical game with them. You expect it to be a very physical game, bodies flying. That’s just the type of game when we get together and match up against Georgia Tech.”

On Georgia Tech’s pressure:
“I just come and play. With Georgia Tech, they send a lot of people on the glass. It’s a primetime for us to get out in transition.”

On Georgia Tech:
“They’re never out of the game. They’re always pressing us so you never know what to expect with them.”

Maryland Guard Lexie Brown

On Georgia Tech’s press:
“I remember watching them the past couple years play Georgia Tech and I was like, ‘Why can’t they break this press?’ and I know why now. They send their entire team at you and they actually depend on you making your own mistakes like I did. I had a couple turnovers all by myself. You have to buckle down mentally and find the open person and their press will shut down.”

On shooting and foul trouble:
“My shot hasn’t really been falling the past couple games. I really think that first shot I hit at the beginning of the game kind of upped my confidence, then I missed a couple, but then I got in foul trouble. I think even though I didn’t want to come out that first half, I really got to sit down, regain my confidence, watch the game and then come in the second half stronger.”

Maryland Center Alicia DeVaughn

On having success vs. Georgia Tech:
“Every time we play them it’s a war. So it’s just not feeding into that and just trying to play your game and stay poised and just over look and stick to the game plan.”


Georgia Tech Head Coach MaChelle Joseph

On today’s game:
“I’m just really proud of the way our team competed today. This is the sixth top 25 team we’ve played this season and we’ve had an opportunity in each of those games. We’re a young team and I’m proud of the way we came in here and rebounded against one of the best rebounding teams in the county. You’ve got to make more shots than we did. It’s tough for us to defend when we give up 43 free throws and for us to play defense on and it’s one of the things we proud ourselves in is defensive stops. Obviously, we fouled too much and you can see why Maryland is No. 6 in the country. I thought the players off the bench were the difference for them that came in and their minutes were really efficient. I thought they did a great job knocking down shots.”

On difference between first and second half:
“I thought we got fatigued. I thought we tired out a little bit. I thought we fought so hard in the first half and we’re a momentum team who likes to go up and down the floor and the whistle was being blown every time we got down the floor. So, we couldn’t get the momentum going and that hurt our flow offensively.”

On if it’s tough with three players fouling out:
“Oh there’s no doubt. You got to keep your best players on the floor and our best rebounder was out most of the game and only got to play 10 minutes. So, it’s tough to play when you’re limited in your rotations and I thought that affected us in the second half as well.”

On rebounding:
“I think Maryland plays really hard and they’re really good on the offensive and defensive boards. I just like to think our players played really hard and rebounded really well and it’s something we pride ourselves in. We’ve only been outrebounded once this year and I think we learned a good lesson from that game. We’ve become a great rebounding team since then and we felt Maryland was similar to Tennessee, so we had to match that. All of our players did a very good job getting to the boards with their first and second efforts.”

Georgia Tech Freshman Kaela Davis

On scoring 27 points:
“I’m not really worried about my 27. I’m proud of the way my team came out and played. We had to come out hard and rebound hard for 40 minutes, so I think you can be proud of us as a whole."

On playing Maryland agai:
Yeah, for sure. I think we were prepared to play. When you go to the line that many times in the second half it’s tough win. Like I said, we will see them again and have teams in between to get better.”