Postgame Quotes: Syracuse 20, Maryland 3

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 20-3 loss to Syracuse at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium.

Maryland Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:
“You don’t have a shot to win when you turn the ball over four times and you have as many dropped balls and as many errors as we did. We had the opportunities to make the plays and we didn’t make them. We had two fourth down opportunities on defense on the very first drive to get off the field and we didn’t make those and that ended up in a touchdown. But again, just way too many turnovers and way too many mistakes in order to come away with a win.”

On how coming out of the bye week could’ve affected the team’s performance:
“I thought we came out ready to play, but the mistakes were the thing. I mean our guys were ready to play, there’s no doubt about that. We just didn’t do things we needed to do in order to win. And for whatever reason we just didn’t have guys make the plays when we needed them to make plays.”

On whether the team is pressing because they are one win away from bowl eligibility:
Nobody should be pressing. As I told the players in the locker room, I said ‘This is a very simple game; it’s not a hard game. All you have to do is make sure you come to work everyday, work as hard as you can, learn the game plan, know what you’re supposed to do before you go out on the field. And then when you go out on the practice field, you go out there and you work on fundamentals and your technique.’ So I don’t think anyone should be pressing.”

On CJ Brown’s performance coming off of his injury:
“I thought he did some good things, but then there were some other things that he didn’t do as well. Sometimes he didn’t get all the help that he needed out there. But again, the ball handling was not real good; the fumbled snap was not good. And again, I think that what CJ [Brown] has to understand and what CJ has to do, just like everybody else at their positions, just do what you’re supposed to do. You don’t need to do anything more or anything less.”

On the performance of the offensive line with a new left tackle:
“Well Moses [Larose] is the best tackle we have, so he was out there; he is gonna get better. He’s a guy that likes to play, that wants to play, it’s important to him. And again, in his first start, I know there are some things he would like to do better and he’ll get better, but it will be a learning experience for him. But those are the five best that we have and we just have to continue to work with them to make them better.”

On what the Syracuse defense was able to take advantage of:
“They did not do anything different than what we prepared for. They had one new blitz that they came in with. We were not able to block some of the calls that we needed to make. It gets back to knowing your basic fundamentals and executing technique.”

On the turnovers:
“It gets frustrating when you see things not going the way you want them to. You are sitting there thinking about what you can do to help them; how can I do something to get them over the hump? You are trying to make adjustments the whole time. It is obvious that I have to continue to stress the little things.”

Maryland Players

Quarterback C.J. Brown
On today’s game:
“Anytime you turn the ball over that much, it’s going to be tough. We’ve been struggling to put the ball in the end zone and that showed today. They’re a good team with a strong defense, and we didn’t come out and execute today. That was very unfortunate.” 

On the team’s preparation coming off a bye week:
“It’s definitely tough. I thought we were well prepared and confident coming into the game. It’s different then what we do in practice, you have to come out here and execute, and we didn’t do that today.”

Defensive Back William Likely
On the team being flat on the opening drive:
“The first drive was kind of flat, but we have to step up. We just have to try and make plays to help the offense.”

On not getting the sixth win today:
“I wouldn’t say we weren’t emotional. We have to come out tomorrow and get better. We’re going to work hard and not worry about the sixth win because a win is a win. We will get there though, and that’s a fact.”

Defensive Lineman Darius Kilgo

On what they were doing offensively that hurt Maryland:

“I think the running back was just cutting the ball back. We cut off his gap; he just found places to cut the ball back. He was taking his time to find gaps. That is where the long runs came from.”

Offensive Lineman Sal Conaboy

On today’s game:
“We had a lot of missed opportunities overall. There were a lot of little things that went on that we didn’t take advantage of. That is what happens.”

Syracuse Head Coach Scott Shafer

Opening Statement:

“First and foremost, let us not forget that far more than a victory on a Saturday afternoon, is trying to fix things that weren’t right. Hats off to Maryland for honoring Wilmeth Sidat-Singh in today’s contest by bringing his family and doing what’s right. Seventy-six years ago, a guy wasn’t allowed to play because of the color of his skin. Seventy-six years isn’t very long ago and that injustice was in some tiny way cleaned up today. The thing I was most proud of the guys for is that during the game they said, remember who we’re doing this for; his family. Couldn’t be prouder of the kids because they realized that was far more important that the X’s and O’s.”

On the defense:

“We had four [turnovers] and I thought we should have had five. We were 4-2. If we’re plus-1 and run the ball for 50 yards or more we’re going to win that game 90 some odd percent of the time. That’s the formula we’re going to work at and the kids understand that. I’m real pleased. There were a lot of doubters out there, but we never doubted ourselves. These kids never doubted themselves. I’m so pleased with what the defensive side of the ball had done; love the way they’re hitting.”

On the linebackers:

“It’s great to have Dyshawn [Davis] back. Marquise [Spruill] has played really well and I’ve been pleased with the way No. 38 [Cameron Lloyd] has played all year. Those three kids are good linebackers, especially when they’re playing next to one another. We got the young kid, Marquez Hodge, going a little bit there when those kids were banged up, but it was good to see those three kids play with each other a bunch today. Marquise has done a nice job really taking charge of this defense.”

On quarterback Terrel Hunt running the ball:

“It wasn’t really a scripted type of deal where we said he needs to run the ball, it was just when the opportunity came George [McDonald] made a couple of good calls with a couple quarterback draws from empty. Then Terrel just moved his feet well. Nothing outside the ordinary though, just ended up being a pretty productive day for him.”

Syracuse Players

Quarterback Terrel Hunt:

On scoring on the opening drive:
“We knew what we had to do. We had to come out for the game. We fixed a few things and we had the tempo going. We got the ball first and everyone was on the same page.”

On getting the win despite the penalties:
“We’ll go out there and play and keep playing and it shows that our team has a lot of heart and that’s something you can’t coach.”

On running back Jerome Smith:
“Jerome’s a great player. I lean on him a lot, you know we have a little talk in the backfield when pressure’s coming and he’s like ‘Don’t worry I got that,’ and hearing that makes me more comfortable.”

Running Back Jerome Smith

On the defense:
“Our defense is awesome man. They’re doing a great job. Almost a second shutout that would have been amazing for us, but they’re helping us out a lot. Earlier in the year they had our back and we got theirs so we’re in a good place right now.”

On being one game away from bowl eligibility:
“Our goal right now is just look up and all the chips are laid out. We’ll be happy when those three games are over.”

On carrying the load Saturday:
“I knew with Prince-Tyson [Gulley] going down I would have to pick up a big load because the younger guys couldn’t really take a big load. With the load they did take they did a great job.”

Linebacker Marquis Spruill

On containing Maryland’s running game:
“We really try to focus on ourselves more than other teams. Of course, we are going to watch films and game plan, but we also have to worry about doing our job more than the plays of other teams.”

On the honoring Wilmeth Sidat-Singh:
“I think it was what we were playing for. You know, it was a little history lesson. Coach told us about the day that it went down and we did it for them.”