Kevin's Corner: Our Letter Of Intent

Maryland Athletics
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Hello Terp Fans:

I always look forward to getting together with our ICA staff. Collectively, it is a group of passionate, hard-working and determined professionals. Within our staff, we selected six members from the athletics department as our “Emerging Leaders” for the 2013-14 season. Natasha Criss, Carrie Blankenship, Joe Bertoletti, Allie Hall, Ashlee Magosin and Mike Szemborski shared what they accomplished in their role last year with a very well-thought out presentation earlier this week at our staff meeting.

They opened their presentation sharing why each was passionate about being a part of Maryland Athletics. The reason ultimately is our ‘WHY.’ We are each committed to our jobs in college athletics for the academic and athletic development of our student-athletes at the University of Maryland.

And in order for our student-athletes to find success, every member of the athletics department will rely on our core values:
We will be:

P – Passionate
R – Responsibility
I – Innovative
D – Determined
E – Excellent

I mentioned her name earlier in the post but Carrie Blankenship, our associate athletic director/marketing & community engagement, spoke eloquently about Maryland. I share with you her speech verbatim from her presentation because she clearly communicated a very important message that I wanted to pass on to our entire Terp family.

“Maryland is a great place. We’ve come a long way and have the pieces in place to be the best department in the country … To get there, we need everyone to believe in the spirit of the Maryland Way (the athletics department five-year strategic plan). The Maryland Way isn’t just a document that sits on your desk in the form of a strategic plan. You shouldn’t just dust the cover off when unit heads are composing performance planners. The Maryland Way is who we are. It’s Maryland.”

“Signing Day is one of the most exciting times of a Student-Athlete’s career. It is the day that you decide to commit to an institution that you truly believe in. You believe it what they stand for. You believe in the opportunity it will provide for you. And you believe in the impact you can make on the program and team.”

“Today is the start of the signing period for Maryland Athletics. Over the course of the next few months, there will be an opportunity for all of us to sign our commitment to the Maryland Way. We will be placing a few signs in high traffic areas in different areas of the department. When you see them up, and you feel you have discovered what your daily commitment is to the Maryland Way and how you can live it each and every day, we ask that you sign it. That day then becomes YOUR signing day.”

“Everyone in this room matters and can make a difference in making this place the best. Marvin Lewis, associate athletic director for business, has a quote in his office: ‘We are going to make this place better.’ I believe that, and you should too. We CAN make this place better.”

“So at this time, we’d like to call up Director of Athletics, Kevin Anderson to join the “Emerging Leaders” in signing our “Letter of Intent” to demonstrate our commitment to the Maryland Way.”

Well said Carrie!

It was a very proud moment for me. I love the creativity and energy that our staff has and I wanted to share this story with all of the Terp fans to let you know that we are striving and committed to being the very best!

Go Terps!