Tumble Talk: Nicole Dragon

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!

I’m a freshman on the team this year so this is my very first Tumble Talk! My first two weeks of college were very busy, but I absolutely love it here at Maryland! The girls on the team are amazing and we are all so close, adapting to everything at college was definitely a lot easier because of their support.

This was our first full week of bootcamp and this team has set the bar so high. The energy and volume in the gym is at an all-time high and we are really pushing the pace to get ready for our best season yet!

On Monday, we had a shorter practice followed by a T25 workout tape. On Tuesday, we had some sore Terps, but that didn’t stop us! We pushed through practice by cheering each other on and really raised the intensity. On Wednesday, we focused on stretching and resting our bodies with some yoga. We made our preseason goals to help keep us focused on what we want to achieve this year. It was great to relax and prepare for Thursday’s lift. We really brought the energy back up in the gym on Friday and finished off the first week of bootcamp with a high energy Zumba workout, which all of us loved!

On our rest day on Saturday, the Gym Terps got together and went to the Student Catholic Center to help make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the hungry. It felt great to give back to the community as a team.

The Terps got back to work on Sunday with a runday. Every week this team is proving that we can push through anything so our hard work can pay off during season. For our second week of bootcamp, we are really focusing on eating right and getting plenty of rest so we can give it our all this week, both in the gym and I the classroom. We have already set the bar so high and this team can only go up from here!!

Thanks for reading Terp Fans! Stay tuned for next weeks Tumble Talk!