Post Game Quotes And Notes From North Carolina's 7-6 Win Over Duke

Maryland Athletics
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April 22, 2000

Duke Head Coach Kerstin Kimel

"I thought that North Carolina kind of showed that they wanted it more than we did. They certainly played a lot harder in the second half, they didn't play scared. I think tomorrow's championship game will be a great one, whoever ends up in it."

"I thought defensively, we really played well. They did what they needed to do, the problem was we were on defense, and I think when you're on defensive for most of the game, and eventually you're going to get really tired. And when you don't have momentum, it's almost like a lack of confidence in the air. I think that that's really hard, the defense can't sustain to play defense like they had to today and I think it's almost impossible. I think they played really well, I thought Shannon played really well, I thought she stopped a lot of the goals she needed to stop. We didn't take care on offense."

"To give Carolina credit, I thought their defense did a really good job of doubling early, they took away some of our options, but I think at the same time, we just didn't play our game today."

"It [the loss] will definitely impact us. We really haven't won a big game this year, to be quite honest. Hopefully we can play well against UMass and Dartmouth these next two games and we will still get in the tournament."

North Carolina Head Coach Jenny Slingluff Levy

"I think we played an excellent game, and we feel privileged today to end up one goal on top instead of one goal below. Both teams played well."

"The biggest adjustment that we needed to do [in the second half] was that we needed to execute better on the offensive end. We had some opportunities early and we didn't do a good job on catching and passing and finishing. Halftime wasn't emotional at all, we just had to come out in the next 30 minutes of the second half, and we were going to come out and execute and play a little bit better."

"We don't have a lot of superstars on our team, so we need the effort of all the players to be on the field. There were a lot of players out there today, from the goalkeeper all the way to the first attackwoman."

"I told our team before the game that the tournament situation is unsettled. There are four excellent top-10 teams in the ACC and this is a great warm-up for the NCAA tournament. And I think it's a really fun tournament to compete in.'

Game Notes *Today's game marked the third straight North Carolina-Duke contest that has been decided by one goal. *Meghann Mohler's first goal of the game, which came seven seconds into the first half, marked the fastest goal ever scored by a North Carolina player, and the fastest goal scored at Ludwig Field in women's lacrosse. *Duke sophomore Kate Kaiser tallied her 10th multi-goal game and is Duke's only player to score in each of Duke's 13 games this season. *Duke senior Tricia Martin was held scoreless for the first time this season.