Women's Lax: Acacia Walker Q & A

March 1, 2005

Terps Today (TT): Where did your name come from?
Acacia Walker (AW): My parents studied Africa a lot in college, and my dad remembered my name from a tree in Africa. It's got pink flowers with thorns on it.

TT: What is one thing you've learned from your World Cup experience?
AW: One thing I've learned from playing with them is a consistent work ethic. You can't get by with having an off day.

TT: Who do you see having a break-out year?
AW: Katie Doolittle and Megan Sommar.

TT: What is your favorite Cindy Timchal moment?
AW: There's so many. My favorites are the random quotes she gives us in pre-game talks. Instead of pumping us up they sometimes make us laugh.

TT: Excluding current players on the team, if you had one player to pass to for a game-winning shot, who would you like to see cutting to goal?
AW: Kelly Coppedge.

TT: What separates this team from the others you have been on?
AW: The karma.

TT: If you had $100 you could only spend on yourself, what would you do with it?
AW: I'd pay off my parking tickets.

TT: What is your first lacrosse memory?
AW: It was the third grade, and I remember that I hated it and I used to think it was the stupidest sport ever. My best friend played and she made me play, and after the first week I was hooked. I still remember that first week of practice, and I loved it.

TT: What song would you sing for your American Idol audition?
AW: Umm... Kelly Clarkson's song, "Since You've Been Gone."

TT: When is the exact moment you get nervous before a game?
AW: The night before a game, right before I go to sleep.

TT: What things go through your mind when you line up for a draw?
AW: I look to see how the defense lines up. I look to see if there's an overload on one side, and if not, I send my attacker to where I want the ball to go. There's usually just one attacker I send to different spots.

TT: What's your favorite Maryland lacrosse moment?
AW: It was at ACC's in 2003, and Kelly and I had a play that gave our team massive momentum and we hugged and someone took a picture of it.