Women's Lax: Delia Cox Q & A

March 1, 2005


Terps Today (TT): What's the origin of your name?
Delia Cox (DC): My parents read it in a book when they were overseas, or something like that. But my dad also tells a story that Bob Dylan sang about "Adelia," and I'm Delia and my brother is Dylan.

TT: What is one thing you've learned from a Terp teammate?
DC: How to be unselfish, from watching Acacia play.

TT: What is one food from home that just isn't the same here?
DC: Lobster.

TT: What's your favorite Cindy Timchal quote?
DC: "My mother could run faster than you!"

TT: If you could take one attribute from two players on the team, what would you take and from whom?
DC: I would take Acacia's fluid movement and stick skills, and Greta's presence on defense.

TT: What reality TV show would most like to be on?
DC: The Real World. I would want it to be in London, too.

TT: What's one hidden talent that you have?
DC: Nunchucks. (Laughs.)

TT: What are your impressions on the season?
DC: I think it's a fresh beginning. It could be a lot of fun. If we can have fun and not get stressed out, it could be great.

TT: If you could have a song play after every goal you score, what would it be?
DC: The theme song from "Boondock Saints."

TT: What aspect of your sport do you enjoy the most?
DC: The camaraderie.

TT: What's your favorite part of practice?
DC: Seven vs. seven... or ball hunt. (Laughs.)

TT: What's your favorite place to eat on the road?
DC: The pizza place we go to when we play at UNC, The Mellow Mushroom.

TT: What's an embarassing childhood story that your parents enjoy telling?
DC: When I was younger my mom used to do daycare, so she couldn't watch everyone at all times, and I wanted to give one of my friends a haircut. So I took her into the bathroom and cut all of her hair off.

TT: How come lacrosse players don't celebrate goals like soccer players do?
DC: Because we want to get back on the circle and score again -- we don't need that attention.