Post Game Quotes From Maryland's 8-6 Victory Over Virginia

Maryland Athletics
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April 22, 2000

Virginia Head Coach Julie Myers

"I thought our effort was excellent, I thought our intensity was excellent. I thought when we took it hard to the goal, we were successful, and I thought the defensive changes we made from the first time in the season when we played Maryland to today, were really very successful. I think it is somewhat of a moral victory for the team, because we held them to two goals in the second half and only eight overall, and scoring six goals against Maryland is actually pretty decent as well. They have a terrific team out there. So I think we're on the right track, and certainly we've closed that gap from the first time around, but we're just ready to put the whole game together and be the happy team at the end."

"Maryland is an excellent team. I think we did a nice job of taking time off the clock when we did have possession of the ball. I felt like we had the ball a lot in that game which was really important in being successful. The more we have the ball, the less Maryland has it, the fewer goals they can score, so that was certainly part of the game plan. So I think we did a nice job of keeping the ball moving and getting looks at the goal."

"Patience in a close game, we were down three at the half, and I think if we had played frantically, we would have been playing right into Maryland's hands. So I thought our experience out there, and our four-year leaders in particular, did a great job of keeping everybody calm and making them realize that we had 30 minutes to get back in the game one goal at a time. I thought our leadership was solid today."

Ashley Widger

"It's huge progress, it certainly was a heartbreaker, but it also eased our minds in a way because I think that it gave everyone the confidence that we are just as good as any other team, including Maryland. When you make mistakes, the little mistakes carry over with Maryland and they finish. As heartbreaking as it is, everyone is taking this in the most positive way because we know it's not impossible [defeating Maryland], I mean, we outscored them in the second half."

"We could have asked for a little more, obviously, today, but as far as everyone staying confident and keeping their heads in the game, and playing together, that was huge today. We did not separate once and that made the biggest difference."

"We want to meet them again and we want to play them again. We're not backing off from anyone for the rest of the season and that is the incentive to move on to bigger and better things. And to be better, and to be stronger, and to be more confident."

Maryland Head Coach Cindy Timchal

"Virginia played a great game, I think we responded really well. We're happy to be in the ACC finals at Maryland."

"It's hard to create a lot on a slippery field, but that's not a reason not to execute. Both teams struggled in being able to do maybe some of the things they love to do. And that's something we contend with no matter what. They did a good job of protecting the middle. We just hung in there to find other ways of scoring"

"I can't say I was that happy [when Virginia scored to make the score 7-6], but these are the kind of games that our team really shows its character. I thought we showed a lot of poise. When it was 7-6 and they had the ball, I thought our defense had a lot of defensive poise and we were able to score kind of an assurance goal. That's what it's all about."

Jen Adams

"The team was doing well out there and that's all that really matters. We've got a lot of players on our team and it's not necessarily one person's job to go out there and score multiple goals in a game. It's all about the team out there, not necessarily what I'm doing."