Women's Lax: Jessica Dorney Q & A

April 1, 2005

Terps Today (TT): What's your favorite part of game day?
Jessica Dorney (JD): When we are saying our team chant before we all get announced.

TT: Who is one teammate you admire?
JD: I would say I admire Acacia [Walker] a lot because she invests so much of herself not so much in the sport of lacrosse but in our team and she cares so deeply about it.

TT: What are your thoughts on the season so far?
JD: I think we have had moments when have been playing brilliantly and also moments when we haven't played to the level I think we can sustain for the rest of the season.

TT: As a counselor, what has been your favorite Maryland lacrosse camp moment?
JD: The counselors do have a routine - a song and dance routine - that goes to "Slow Motion." That's a good memory.

TT: What are your favorite Cindy Timchal quotes?
JD: I have two. One is about us being cheated - about how the universe gets to live for a billion years but we only have these years and these hours to play this game. The other one is, "Half of us can't be ying-ing when the other half is yang-ing."

TT: Who's the funniest player on the team?
JD: I think Megan Sommar is the funniest player.

TT: What's an embarrassing story that your parents enjoy telling?
JD: Well, I wanted to be a boy for most of my young childhood. I had a boy's haircut. I made a switchover in the late elementary school years.

TT: What's the worst DVD you own?
JD: I don't really have that many DVDs, but I always cry during DVDs - anything romantic. Like, The Notebook, I can cry for hours after watching it, so it's embarrassing to watch me watch that DVD.

TT: What's something interesting that people don't know about you?
JD: I want to go to Europe after I graduate for a couple of months just to experience other cultures.

TT: What's underneath your bed?
JD: A lot of books that I read that I put under there or they fall under there, and then they're just there. I have a lot of photo albums because I like taking pictures and keeping them of all of my friends. Kirah [Miles'] friend Sammy is also under there.

TT: What's been your favorite memory traveling on the bus?
JD: Any time a microphone or signing has been involved.