Women's Lax: Katie Doolittle Q & A

March 15, 2005


Terps Today (TT): Other than family and friends, what is one thing that you miss about home?
Katie Doolittle (KD): Syracuse basketball games.

TT: What was your "welcome to college lacrosse" moment?
KD: Kelly Coppedge knocking me down in fall practice.

TT: What was the best part of playing in the U-19 World Cup?
KD: Getting the trip to Florida.

TT: If you could have any car right now what would it be?
KD: A Tahoe.

TT: Which Terp teammate would you least like to play against?
KD: Greta Sommers because she's so tough, and tough to get by.

TT: Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
KD: My parents because they've constantly encouraged me and pushed me to do my best.

TT: What TV show do you schedule around?
KD: It used to be ER, but now I don't really have one. I watch the Food Channel a lot. I watch Rachel Ray a lot.
TT: What's the best thing that you make?
KD: I don't know. I just follow recipes. Probably different pastas.
TT: If you could open any kind of restaurant, where would you open it and what kind of food would you serve?
KD: I would open it back at home, and it would be a family-style place with home cooked food. My mom and I have actually talked a little bit about opening a catering business because we both like to cook and she's really good with planning.

TT: What is one topic that you know so much about you could teach?
KD: How to live with five other girls.

TT: If you were forced to give up all of your possessions except one, what would you keep?
KD: My dog, Snoop.

TT: What was your worst summer job?
KD: Waitressing. I made good tips but I was terrible because I brought the wrong food. I was really bad at it.

TT: What were you for Halloween last year?
KD: I was [Maryland men's lacrosse player] Tommy Alford, and Krista [Pellizzi] was [his twin] Harry. So, we were the twins.

TT: What's a hidden talent you have?
KD: I can do all kinds of tricks with my tongue.

TT: What's one place you want to visit?
KD: I want to go to Hawaii.