Maryland-Boston U. Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“I thought BU was terrific. Their guard play was out of this world.  Hankerson came in and he was more of a driver than a shooter, but came in and made every big shot, rebounded well too. I thought BU was terrific. I thought their game plan defensively was terrific. They guarded the right people and I just thought they were terrific. With that said, we didn’t start the game very well. We didn’t finish the half very well, and we played with energy to start the second half and got it tied, and we didn’t play particularly smart after that. We just got to keep trying to get the guys to play a little better. Their bench was good and was deeper than we were today. When the game was on the line and it’s 58-all, we just didn’t do what we had to do to win the game….The guys can get home and start fresh when we come back on the 26th."

On the game:

We are a little inconsistent. We go and lose at home and then play pretty well in the Paradise Jam and then lose a couple. I don’t know. That’s the perplexing thing. We can’t score 77 at home and lose, so maybe it’s on the defensive end…We are going to try to figure it out. Maybe we are feeling too much pressure and just need to relax. We need to relax and have more fun, maybe we can play better that way.

On opposing team’s successful guard play against the Terps:

“They shot 36 free-throws to our 26 at home. We’re fouling too much. We gave them some easy looks. We had a bad match-up one time and he hits a three…We’re trying. I’m trying to figure it out and hopefully I can over the break.”

Junior forward Jonathan Graham:

On the team’s overall play:

“It’s just reality. We made some crucial turnovers that we shouldn’t have made. That’s the bottom line. At the end of the day, the game’s about making plays and getting stops. There were times where we didn’t get stops, and there were times when we had crucial turnovers.”

On the timing of loss:

“It’s never fun losing, no matter what time of the year it is. It just so happens that it’s Christmas but there’s two ways we can respond to this. Obviously there’s the negative way and there’s the positive way. In that locker room, we all chose the positive way. We’re going to go back, we’re going to regroup and we’re going to get ready for the next game, and prepare to work next practice.”

On how to turn the team around:

“You turn the page. You move on to the next thing. We have a long season, very long season. This was a wakeup call for us, we got to go home, we have to respond, come back and work hard and get ready for next practice.”

Sophomore forward Jake Layman

On shots in the second half:

“Boston was really targeting me a little more on the defensive end. In terms of our offense as a whole the in second half, we were getting the ball inside and getting layups and we were attacking too; our offense wasn’t the problem the second half.”

On losing momentum:

“For some guys it probably felt like every time we got the lead they would just come back down the court and make a 3-pointer, give us that dagger shot. Sometimes we’re hanging our heads and that’s something we can’t do. We have to persevere through those situations and get the lead then go down and defend.”

On where the team is headed after the break:

“We have a lot of thinking to do. We have to think what we can do individually to help the team out. When we get back it is going to be a big time for us to step up and start playing well.”

On how Coach Turgeon addressed the team:

“Coach is always very positive. We all know he’s one of the best coaches out there, so if he tells us he’s going to bring us back to where we need to be then we’re all in.”

Junior forward Evan Smotrycz:

On the team’s overall performance:

“I thought we did a great job on offense. [Boston University] was getting into the paint too much. But I really don’t know, I can’t pinpoint one thing, I have to watch the film.”

On the team’s attitude:

“We know nothing else we can do but to keep working, getting better, and like I said go home over break and regroup and come back ready to work.”

Boston University Head Coach Joe Jones

On the team’s play:

“We knew this was going to be a hard fought game. The big thing for us is that we’ve been close in games like these. Last year, we thought we were close and we couldn’t get over the top with these types of games. This year, we go to overtime with Harvard and then we’re at GW and control most of the game before falling apart down the stretch. This game gives us some confidence that we are capable of playing at this type of level. We just have to go out and be consistent. This is a huge step for us.”

On leaders of the squad:

“Our three seniors, Travis Robinson, Don Morris and D.J. Erving. Those guys have really led us and done a great job. They are such good people, so the other guys have been able follow along.”

On playing an ACC conference team:

“Anytime you play against a team like Maryland, with the tradition they have, you have an opportunity to win and you feel good about it. When the season is over, we’ll reflect back. It will be great. I’m happy for the guys, our staff and our school. We just have to keep on getting better. I’m more focused on that than one win right now.”