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Maryland Athletics
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NCAA First Round · Army vs. Maryland

Comcast Center · College Park, Md

Sunday, March 23



Brenda Frese, Maryland Head Coach:

Opening Statement:

“I thought it was a really dominating and convincing win for us. After we got the jitters out to start the game and both teams were really fired up, I thought we were able to really show what separates us and makes us special. Our defense and our rebounding really led to transition. We were really able to use our depth today. We really shared the basketball. We made really easy plays; we were really having a lot of fun and that was just a tremendous game for us to be able to come out in this first round. From Alyssa’s [Thomas] end, for her to break the all time record at home it’s fitting in front of such a tremendous crowd today and with the help of here teammates continues to lead us to great things.”

On what was said in the timeout with nine minutes to go:

“I think it started with Alyssa. She gave us a great calming presence in the timeout that we were fine and gave great confidence to the entire team. We changed our defense. I thought some of the switches that we made defensively really helped us and we were able to get going with our transition.”

On Brionna Jones’ defense:

"She did. We talked about it at halftime; being comfortable for our bigs. That’s not something you routinely see, them having to guard the guard play out there. Army does such a great job in their actions and they run a ton of screens. You can ask the players, we felt those switches were necessary. That’s how far Bri has grown and then the backline, the help the helper defense that we have with the team.”

On Laurin Mincy’s contribution:

“Laurin was huge. That’s what we talk about. Be ready for your opportunity; be ready for your chance. I’m not surprised for the fact that Laurin has had really good practices for us these last couple weeks. She really showed tremendous toughness and that’s what we’ve got to be able to have with the depth that we have that … If you look at the contributions we had from Laurin, Tierney [Pfirman] and Malina [Howard]; to be able to have that play off the bench is key for us.”

On the crowd:

“Just a tremendous crowd I thought from both ends. Our Maryland fans, and they were loud and proud and made a huge difference for us, especially when we were making those runs. I thought the fanbase for Army was great with what they were able to bring here. You could see everybody in the stands for them. That’s why we love to play in front of big crowds and to be able to play here at home in terms of our great fan base.”

On Maryland’s 29-2 run:

“When you’re not trading baskets on both ends of the floor and on occasion when we tend to play like that. When we can get stops, that leads to our transition and you saw I thought with Lexie [Brown] and Alyssa [Thomas] and even Laurin [Mincy] when she came in that guard play really dominated the transition in terms of getting us running and being aggressive. Lexie found her shot, how easy it is to be able to pull up and be aggressive and they love playing that way. You look at how much fun they have playing and sharing the basketball. We want to continue to be able to do that.”

On freshmen Brionna Jones and Lexie Brown:

“The biggest compliment I can give both of them, all of our freshmen, is they didn’t play like freshmen. They understood that they had to come out and be ready to play. Obviously Bri gives us a dominant inside post presence with her back to the basket. Our players love feeding her the basketball and what she’s able to bring gives us a really tough dynamic and allows us to get to the free throw line and get to the bonus. When Lexie’s shooting the ball the way she did today it puts us in another category because now we’re clicking on all cylinders and who do you stop? Your first [instinct] is to stop Alyssa [Thomas], but then when you give an inside-outside presence with Bri, with Lexie, with Katie [Rutan], you’re able to send waves.”

Alyssa Thomas, Maryland Forward:

On their uneven start:

“I think we just had a lot of nerves in the beginning and weren’t really getting out in transition. Once we started getting stops and getting rebounds and just pushing the ball and picking up tempo, it opened up a lot for us.”

Lexie Brown, Maryland Guard

On her first NCAA Tournament game:

“It was a lot of fun. Like I said yesterday, it was a lot easier with the fact that we got to play at home. We had two great weeks of practices. We were a little nervous because of the stage, but when we got rolling, we’re hard to stop.”

Dave Magarity, Army Head Coach:

Opening Statement

“First of all, I want to compliment Maryland on a terrific performance. I’ve said this for the last week when I saw the seeding came out - I was just stunned that they were a four seed. I think they proved it today. The last time we were here in 2006 we ran into a similar situation. Tennessee was bumped down to a two seed, and we were a fifteen. They were very upset about it and that’s how they played. We ran into that type of buzz today. I thought their offensive execution was flawless at times. All the things we worked on in trying to form a game plan, they just blew them out of the water. They did not shoot the ball well in their last few games, but whatever they did in the last week getting ready, they just really shot the ball well. They were totally prepared for us. They did a great job defensively on us. Coming out of the timeout when we took the lead, I told our kids they better brace themselves because they are going to be upset and they certainly were. That was a devastating run they went on. We knew what we were in for and we knew we were going to have our hands full. We knew we were going to have play close to a perfect game. I’m very proud of what we’ve done. We knew it was going to be a very big challenge, and it was.”

On Army’s turnovers:

“Coming out of the timeout where we took the lead, they did a terrific job in switching everything. They committed to switching every single ball screen; every single hand-off and at times Kelsey Minato had the center on her. They did a great job. They obviously were prepared for that and something that they had in their game plan defensively. That switching created a lot of indecision on our part. I don’t know what the turnover ratio was, but we ended up with eighteen, which is a lot more than we average.”

On limiting Alyssa Thomas:

“That was the difference. One thing we tried to do with Alyssa, and she is one of the best players I’ve ever seen. In terms of her instinct and her ability, what an unbelievable nose for the ball. She was just tremendous. I couldn’t believe it. She is so good in person, but I thought we did a pretty good job. We forced her into a couple tough shots and we doubled her whenever we could, but to her credit, she had four assists and she found people. She is so unselfish and she goes for a double-double. They really hurt us on the boards. I can’t remember the last time we’ve been out rebounded that bad. The way they shot the ball in the second half, if we keep giving them second and third chances, it’s so demoralizing.”

Kelsey Minato, Army Guard:

On second half success:

“Just coming out of halftime, we were down and I knew I had to just come out, play loose and just go for it. Every time I had an open look, even for half a second, I knew I had to take it because I wasn’t getting clean looks at all in the first half. I was just trying to be more aggressive.”

On Maryland’s run in the first half:

“Coach told us that they were going to come out angry and really try to attack the basket more and they did. We couldn’t keep them in front of us, it’s like we woke up a beast.”

On Maryland’s forwards:

“They’re really big and they’re really quick laterally so it was hard to get around them. I just tried to attack but I wasn’t getting many clean looks. They were tough.

Jen Hazlett, Army Guard/Forward:

On shooting troubles:

“Maryland did a great job on defense, but a lot of my shots were pretty open and I had the green light to shoot, I just wasn’t making shots today. Unfortunately that’s how it goes sometimes. I think we were getting good looks but were unable to make the shot.”

On the start of the game:

“Before the game, we talked about how we have to believe and just go for it possession for possession, and we did for the first fifteen minutes and then they got comfortable and were able to get out in transition, which is what they wanted to do, and we weren’t getting back like we were supposed to and our league just diminished.”

On making the tournament:

“It’s been a very memorable experience. It’s something that doesn’t come very often and for me has only happened once in my career. Thankfully I’m going out on kind of a high note.”