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Postgame Quotes
February 9, 2014
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

No. 9 Maryland 95, Clemson 43

Head Coach Brenda Frese

On today’s win:
“Another dominant performance and anytime you look at a stat sheet, 29 assists on 39 makes, I really liked how we shared the basketball today as a team. I thought the second half we just got stronger and stronger. You saw once we were able to get stops that led to our transition to really easy plays. Just really like our energy and how we played for each other today.”

On what the key was for forcing turnovers:
“I think we did a much better job, kind of attacking the ball with their dribble penetration. We had some really aggressive plays on the ball, making it a little bit more difficult. I thought we were a little disappointed in the drives they got in the first half off of us. I think just stepping up and playing harder on the defensive end.”

On if this is the level of play she is looking for heading into tough stretch against Miami and Duke:
“Yeah, no question. I mean you want to build confidence like we’ve been able to do in these stretches and I think we’re getting a tremendous feel for one another and making easy plays for each other. Taking those elements now going back on the road where it’s a lot more difficult, will be key.”

Senior Forward Alyssa Thomas

On 7 of 8 field goals coming from jumpers:
“My teammates were just finding me, they were doubling the post and I was just trying to get in an open area for open shots.”

Sophomore Forward Tierney Pfirman

On the bench’s production:
“Just with our waves and our motivation and confidence coming off the bench, once starts get going then that feeds into us and then we keep it going. We step in for them and we’re supposed to produce like that so that’s what we do.”

Freshman Forward Brionna Jones

On the team’s strong rebounding lately:
“I think our emphasis has been, lately, to hit the glass hard and when we do that we get second chance options and with defensive rebounds, we can push and get in transition like we want to.”

On her defensive development throughout the season:
“I think my teammates, they really have had my back and they kept pushing me and giving me confidence and I just worked hard in practice and tried to accept whatever was given to me.”


Clemson Head Coach Audra Smith

On Maryland’s depth and maturity:
“I definitely have to credit Brenda Frese and this Maryland Terrapin team. I mean, they’re phenomenal. They have such depth and they have great players. Every player came off the bench and scored. There were kids that don’t play significant minutes and they came off and played so very hard. They are such a competitive team. Honestly, I really didn’t feel like they were playing at 100 percent tonight, I felt like they were playing at 70 percent, but their 70 percent is most team’s 100 percent. I felt like we should have competed a lot better, I don’t feel like we competed as hard as we did.”

On how to get to Maryland’s competition level:
“It’s going to take time. It’s a process as everyone keeps telling me. I’m a very competitive person and I realize it’s a process. It takes players who can play at this level. This is a level where night in and night out it doesn’t matter who you are playing against, you have to be ready to play. The Clemson administration has given us everything we need to be successful in terms of recruiting and finding players to fit with the players we currently have.”

On Alyssa Thomas’ play:
“I’ve watched her play for a very long time, but she wasn’t quite in her beast-mode tonight, I’d say she was in mini-beast mode, which I appreciate. She is just a phenomenal player and I love watching her. She’s a player that you are not going to be able to shut down, you might be able to contain her, but not shut down. She just has all the tools.”

On their expectation playing Maryland:
“They have very good team chemistry and it showed. It was everything we expected. We did do a scouting report, it may not have shown, but we did. They are just a really good team.”