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Maryland Athletics
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Postgame Quotes
March 2, 2014
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

No. 7 Maryland 87, Virginia Tech 48

Head Coach Brenda Frese

Opening Statement:
“Obviously, it was just a special day and game for our seniors and I’m really proud of our team, obviously how we came out. I thought the seniors set the tone from the jump. We actually played a little bit more zone than anticipated because we saw [Virginia Tech] was struggling in it. It was just a tremendous team win for us, and to be able to lock up an number three seed going into the ACC tournament as well. The honor afterword and how fitting it was for Alyssa, I thought today you continued to see the ‘smiling assassin’ out there having fun with her teammates. I’m just really proud of how we were able to come out and have a dominating win as we get ready to go into the ACC tournament.”

On defending Virginia Tech:
“They had a big three that we really wanted to defend, and I think the surprise of the zone gave them problems to start the game. We didn’t allow them to have any easy looks so I thought they had to take some really difficult shots against our defense.”

On the team’s intensity:
“You can be either one of two ways on senior day, you can be so emotional that you can’t even play, or you come out with a great purpose and focus. I thought the five seniors did a tremendous job setting the tone and then their teammates followed their lead. I thought that all night we continued to wear them out with our depth which allowed our team to remember this day for the rest of their lives.”

On finishing the season strong:
“The exciting thing is this is where we want to be, peaking in March. Credit this team. It hasn’t been an easy year when you talk about depth and everybody’s had to sacrifice this year. Because of their ability to sacrifice, you’re seeing great things happen. I’m excited because we are built for three games in three days. We have that depth and that ability between our size and our perimeter. We just have different wrinkles based on the opponent that we are going to play. It’s just exciting to be able to think for our post-season and what we have going ahead.”

Senior Forward Alyssa Thomas

On her jersey being honored:
“I tried to hold in my emotions all day. Everything just came out during my speech. It’s a huge honor to see my name up there with the greats that started our legacy.”

On closing in on the all-time scoring record:
“I never think about how many points I need to break records. It’s more about just going out there and having fun with my teammates.”

Redshirt Sophomore Guard Brene Moseley

On Alyssa’s jersey being honored:
“It was humbling for me to be able to watch Alyssa. It’s always great to see good things happen to good people and I think this was well deserved. We see all of the background work she puts in over the past four years. It’s comforting to see an honor like this come to her. She deserves it.”

Sophomore Forward Tierney Pfirman
On offensive rebounds off missed free throws:
“In practice we do the ‘X method’ where we cross each other. I was just doing what I was taught to get those offensive rebounds off missed free throws.”


Virginia Tech Head Coach Dennis Wolff

“Obviously, congratulations to Maryland. I thought they played terrifically. I thought they were focused, and they didn’t allow the emotion of their senior night and everything that went along with it to take away from how well they played. We got off to such a bad start. We had some open shots but we weren’t able to knock any of those down and it really spiraled out of control against us.”

On being outplayed by Maryland:
“I think it was as bad as it looked. I think that there is, within this league, a top and then everyone else. These guys, Duke, Notre Dame, North Carolina on some nights make up that top. We would have to play close to perfect to put ourselves in position to compete. Our players competed very hard, but we needed to make shots. You have to credit Maryland’s coaching staff because the way they played us didn’t enable us to do some of the things that we had been doing recently. We had been good moving the ball and we are not very good going off the dribble. They put us in a position where we weren’t able to do that. When you miss as many shots as we did to start the game it really made the bottom fall out on us.”

On his approach to today’s game:
“They are so big and so good in their matchup zone. They were out on us and they had us scouted well. My thought process was, if we could get some open shots we could be okay. When we had trouble making them, it affects everyone’s confidence.”