Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Postgame Quotes
December 14, 2013
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

No. 8 Maryland 93, Delaware State 44

Head Coach Brenda Frese

On tonight’s game:
“I really liked how we continued to get better, especially in the second half. We really shared the basketball and I thought you could really see our defensive intensity picked up. I thought we were really unselfish with the basketball and we went running out in transition and really making the easy plays for one another. A nice test for us as we shut it down for finals and the holidays. To be able to see a box score like this when everyone comes in and plays and contributes was really nice to see.”

On being without Alyssa Thomas in the first half:
One of the things we’ve really been able to show is our depth and our talent. And what I love is when you have AT back in the lineup she’s a workhorse and works within everything else, but when you have the amount of options that we have this season, that’s what will put you in another category. And you’ve got to have that. Unfortunately you’re going to have games where Alyssa will be taken out and for us to be able to have players step up is huge.”

On the team’s rebounding:
“I really like to see where we’re going with our rebounding. That’s been an area that we’ve really stressed and to finally see our guard play really be aggressive and then obviously when you see Shatori (Walker-Kimbrough) flying in there and what we’re able to get with our depth is key. It just gives you so many more opportunities at the basket.”

On how the team has improved over the first 11 games:
“Well, you can really see our chemistry. We’re getting really comfortable and obviously with the versatility we have. We can slide many players into multiple positions depending on the game and where we see a chance to be able to take advantage of something. I feel like we’re able to do that and you can see that we’re growing. Our assist to turnover ratio, our unselfishness, and the plays that we’re making for each other has really improved.”

On having a break after playing seven games in three weeks:
“Yeah, it’s really good. I mean obviously these guys are so driven, so when you talk about the work that they do in the classroom as well as on the court and to be able to just focus this next week on the books and to not have to worry about scouting reports and film, and the travel, I think that is key. And then being able to get home for a couple of days and shut it down mentally to have a little bit of that rest time is key for us before we have to get back and get ready for conference play.”

On the team’s chemistry:
“You know it’s been an adjustment. Everybody has had to sacrifice. Obviously these guys are all competitors. You want to play as many minutes as you possibly can play, but because they are all being selfless and sacrificing, you know this team has a chance to do something pretty special. And I think they are finally starting to understand the depth that we have in terms of being able to send in waves if someone is unfortunately injured or in foul trouble, we don’t have to miss a beat. Where other teams will take a loss from it, we don’t have to. Early we had to adjust but we’re starting to get into a rally good rhythm.”

Senior Forward Alyssa Thomas

On watching the game from the bench:
“I was just trying to be positive. It stinks having two fouls in the game and having to sit. All you can do is encourage your teammates and just have a positive attitude.”

On her ability to play multiple positions “ You just go out and play basketball. I think it doesn’t matter what position you are on the court. Players make plays and we just play off of each other.”

Freshman Guard Shatori Walker-Kimbrough

On the team still playing hard after it has a lead:
“ Yeah, that’s the type of team that we are, just keep it coming. We have all the depth possible that a team could want, we have something special.”