Postgame Quotes: #7 Maryland 75, Clemson 45

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Feb. 14, 2013

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Postgame Quotes
February 14, 2013
College Park, Md. (Comcast Center)

#7 Maryland 75, Clemson 45

Head Coach Brenda Frese

Opening Statement:
"I thought it was a slow start for us. We got into some early foul trouble in the first half, which forced us to play a lot of different combinations that we weren't used to. I thought the second we looked more like us. We were very active defensively and our defense led to transition offense. We shared the basketball. Tianna [Hawkins] was terrific. She scored in so many different ways for us, I thought she was a huge spark and she did a great job of bouncing back and being ready to ply tonight."

On if there was a hangover from the Duke game:
"I think the bigger thing was that we just got into early foul trouble."

On Maryland's run to open up the second half:
"We were able to be aggressive. Any time you take Alyssa [Thomas] off the floor your team is going to miss her. Having to pull her in and out in the first half made it difficult because we have to have her presence on the floor. She does so many things for us so it was great to have her back in the second half."

On the play of Sequoia Austin:
"She was a bundle of energy. It is great to see that she can come in and keep getting better and better. "

On the play of Chloe Pavlech as compared to her subpar performance against Duke:
"I really liked her energy. I thought she did a terrific job of moving on and it says a lot about her to come out and give us a stat line like she had tonight. She looked like she was having fun and she enjoyed the game and had a really good presence and did a really good job of finding her teammates."

On shooting 65% in the second half:
"Our transition helped us get a lot of easy baskets. I thought we shared the basketball and were very unselfish and moved the basketball."

Junior forward Alyssa Thomas

On shooting three-pointers:
"It is all about my teammates finding me in the right positions, and getting in good position to take my shots."

On recovering from the Duke game:
"We have been really smart with how we are recovering, training and practicing. We didn't feel it much in our legs today, we just came out slow."

Senior forward Tianna Hawkins

On recovering from Duke:
"I think it was on us because we came out slow. Clemson can play, so we had to wake up quickly."

On shooting 30 points in 30 minutes:
"It was just another opportunity in this game to improve and get better. It was important for me to step up after Alysaa got into early foul trouble. I had to step up and score for my team."

Clemson Head Coach Itoro Coleman

Opening statement:
"Maryland is a good team. Coming into the game we knew that since Alyssa Thomas go off early then we were going to have a long night. That's exactly what happened. Maryland owned the boards offensively and that was our focus coming into the came. I told the team before the game that your margin of error is very slim when you play a nationally ranked team. We've been struggling all season with moving on after we make a mistake. Tonight we got very frustrated early and we got into foul trouble. That definitely disrupted our rhythm offensively. Kudos to Maryland."

On their strong run to end the first half:
"We got on that run because of our defense. It wasn't anything else because we were out of sync offensively. We picked it up defensively and we knew we had to do the same thing in the second half. To start the second half though, they got a lot of easy points on transition because we turned the ball over a bunch and took some quick shots. They got into a rhythm offensively and we couldn't do anything to stop them."

On Maryland's second half shooting:
"It was our defense. Any time the other team gets to shoot wide-open lay-ups they are going to have a high shooting percentage. We did a better job in the first half getting back defensively on transition. In the second half, we didn't do that. We lost their shooters. They scored a lot of their points in the second half out on transition. After that, they got into a rhythm and no matter what play they ran it just worked. It seemed like no matter what Tianna threw up, it was going in. You can't win a lot of ballgames when you give up that many points on transition."

On Clemson's three point shooting:
"We went 1-for-11 because we took a lot of quick shots. Half of those shots were not the shots that we wanted. We wanted to get into the paint. The other half is credited to the defensive pressure of Maryland.