Maryland-Wake Forest Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“I’m proud of my group. We didn’t have it early. That was obvious. We just kept fighting and competing. Our offense got a little bit better. We guarded well the last 10 minutes once we started running back. We had some guys step up. Roddy Peters played really well tonight; he ran the team. Nick [Faust] was terrific —made shots, made passes and really guarded … I thought Damonte [Dodd] gave us a great lift on defense. We shared the ball and figured out the zone and then got some really good looks.”

On whether there was a hangover from the Duke game:

“We never talked about Duke, we just moved on. At about the 12-minute timeout of the first half, we talked about being tougher. You may be a little tired or a little fatigued, but you got to toughen up. It shows you we’re getting somewhere because we didn’t play particularly well throughout the game, but we still were in control in the second half. We’re coming. You become a good team when you don’t play particularly well and you’re still in control.”

On whether Charles Mitchell was affected by the Duke game:

“It wasn’t Charles’ fault. Charles played his tail off in that game, and it just happened to roll out instead of roll in. He can score it; he’s got his jump hook working right now, and he can rebound pretty well. He turned it over too much tonight. We all moved forward. Mentally, we might have been a little fatigued, but we moved forward. We know what lies ahead for us and what opportunities we have. Hopefully we can get through this one and just get our legs back underneath us, get mentally fresh and make a run down the stretch.”

On Nick Faust:

“Nick missed his first one and then he was terrific. The one he made before half was huge. It put us up five. He was terrific. I thought his passing was great and his defense was great. He looked fresh. He played 32 minutes and made free throws, rebounded and did a lot of good things.”

 Sophomore forward Charles Mitchell

On first half performance:

“We came out flat the first 12 minutes. Those are things we have to work on. We weren’t on our A game. We found our passion in the last 10 minutes of the first half.”

On the first basket of the game:

“It was the same play we ran on our last possession against Duke. I made the shot this time on the curl play. I’m getting more comfortable in the low post. My hook shot is starting to fall and it offers more offense to our team.”

On playing against Wake Forest:

“I always love playing against Devin Thomas. We’re similar players. We’re passionate, physical, and great competitors. Playing against players who give it their all every time is always fun.”

Junior forward Nick Faust 

On tonight’s personal performance:

“I was just feeling it. I missed my first two, but I just stuck with it.”

On preparing for Syracuse:

“They’re a great team. We have a lot of time before we play them. We’re looking forward to practicing and getting better.”

Sophomore forward Jake Layman

On if it was tough to get ready for tonight:

“Some guys were definitely a little tired. A little fatigue showed up there. We fought through it.”

On if it was tough adjusting to their zone:

“When teams go to zone, we always start off slow and then we get going. We have to work on that with Syracuse coming up.  Overall, we adjusted pretty well.”

On Roddy Peters tonight:

“He didn’t turn the ball over much. He made some smart plays in transition. He made maybe one bad decision, but overall, he played great.”

On Nick Faust’s performance:

“He was really the only one knocking down shots for us. This is the game where we really needed him because no one was shooting well.”

Wake Forest Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

On Maryland coming out flat:

“I don’t worry about our opponent. What I do worry about is us. We had some open looks that were right there for us. We had some free throws that we didn’t make. We also turned the ball over a little bit too much. Those types of things gave them the separation that they needed.”

On starting off strong and finishing off weak in first half:

“It’s been very similar to our last outing against Florida State. The preparation, the motivation, and the desire to do well were awesome in the last two games. You can’t ask for better starts than what we had, but then we hit a stretch where we just sputtered. We are looking for that consistency throughout the game to take care of the ball a little bit better. Even against Florida State, I think we only had 11 turnovers, about four or five of them were really bad. So some free throws and open looks were hurtful. In the game against Florida State, we shot 51 percent. In this game we shot 47 percent and it could have been even a little bit better. I told our team that they’re trying to do the right thing, but we just all have to get a little bit better. This includes everyone on the team. I have to get a little better, and they do as well. Every single person from me down to our walk-ons has to get a little better. If that happens, we will be a whole lot better. The game plans are right.”

Wake Forest Senior Forward Travis McKie

On the team’s confidence:

“We are playing well. We are fine; we are just going to continue to take it one game at a time and go from there. We were right there, and put us in a position to win, but we just didn’t capitalize. Confidence is not an issue.”

On giving up the early lead:

“They were just making shots. I mean they kept switching up defenses and I think a lot of our turnovers gave them easy transition points. When you do that, you give a team energy, especially at home, and we didn’t make shots so we’ve got to get better. We have to get better defensively, but the competitiveness was there.”

On his missed layup late in the game

“If you want to blame me for that play, blame me. I missed a layup. That’s 100 percent a shot that I missed. I tried to be too cute and didn’t finish that one. That’s on me. It shouldn’t have even gotten to that point. I should have made the layup, and we would have been down six."