Maryland-Miami Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“I was really pleased with our team. I thought we shared the ball and got them out of their zone early. We scored 74 points. The most anybody in the league had scored against them was 67. Duke had 67 against them. We shot close to 70 percent in the second half. We did a lot of things well. We really executed. Our defense is just not quite there, but give them credit. They made a lot of shots tonight. [Rion] Brown was tremendous. The point guard [Manu Lecomte] was tremendous. They made a lot of shots. We had it and we let them back in it, but that happens in basketball. I told our kids after the game, sometimes it’s good to get a win like that instead of just getting an easy one. Give Miami credit because they didn’t quit, but it’s a good win for us.”

On Dez Wells’ second half performance:

“He was fresh. I think the reason we had a 10-point lead is because we had foul trouble in the first half and we were fresh. Their guys had to play a lot of minutes, that’s why we pressed them as much as we did just to try to wear them down. We didn’t get a lot of steals and the press might have helped them get some good shots because they got some buckets on the backside. It wore them down in the end. We were trying to run a play, we didn’t have a play then, but we had a play tonight. I’d rather have Dez drive it, but he shot it and I’m just glad he made it.”

On the final possession:

“He had made up his mind. We had our guys in the right spot. I thought we played with poise. I don’t ever call timeout right there. We had talked in previous timeouts about what we’d run late, and that was one of the plays we were going to run. He made it. He was feeling good. He made some tough shots in the second half. He really played well out there. I was happy for him.”

On posting up Dez Wells:

“I think we posted him a couple times. I think the way they were playing, we were trying to stretch the floor as much as we could. We were able to do that. When you have guys making shots, like Evan [Smotrycz] and Jake [Layman], it spreads the floor and helps Dez get to the rim. We had good execution on a couple plays to get the ball to Dez down there. He’s good down there, especially on the block. We’re getting there. I know we only won by three, but we’re getting better. We really are. The last two game we’ve gotten better.”

Junior Guard Dez Wells

On his second half performance:

“I was very fortunate to make shots and to have teammates that put me in position to score. It was just a good game for us as a team. We defended really well in the second half. I feel like we could have done better but that comes along with experience; we are going to build off this win.”

On last second decision making

“Two hours before every game I work out; I’ve practiced taking those shots a million times since pre-season. I just felt comfortable shooting it; I have confidence in my shot, I have confidence in my team, my team has confidence in me and so does Turgeon. In that type of situation I’m smiling, I don’t feel any pressure.”

On taking the last shot after losing large lead:

“In any situation I want to do what is best for my team. If it would have been Seth or Nick or any of my teammates I wouldn’t have cared and would have just been happy with the win. You’ll never hear me complaining about scoring, shots, or anything like that. At the end of the day I want to be remembered as a winner and it’s games like this that really show you your heart and your competitive drive.”

Sophomore Forward Jake Layman

Thoughts on second half:

“We had a great game plan. Our spacing was great; we had a lot of ball movement. We’re one of the first teams to take [Miami] out of [the zone]. Coach [Turgeon] was really proud of us.”

Thoughts on the overall game:

“It was a huge confidence builder for us. We were a little down but we know that the fight’s not over. We’re feeling good right now.”

Junior Forward Evan Smotrycz

On his contributions to the game:

“I was able to make some open shots and get some other guys involved. I thought everyone played really well.”

On the teams second half efficiency:

“That’s what we wanted to do. We wanted to be patient and get the best shot we could.”

On Dez Wells’ intensity:

“He is definitely a guy who leaves it all out there, plays hard the whole game and loves to win. I trust that he will make the winning plays.”

Head Coach Jim Larranaga

Opening Statement:

“We couldn’t stop them. We wanted to zone them; they shot lights out against the zone. We wanted to get to the foul line; we did, but we missed free throws. In the second half, the pace of the game picked way up. 44-42 in the second half. Sometimes we only score 44 points in a game. This was a little bit too much up-tempo, more of their style than ours.”

On Dez Wells in second half:

“He only played five minutes in the first half. He was very well rested and he was very determined to come in and have a much better half. He made that incredible shot to win the game. He just rose up for three. He’s not what you would call a lights-out three-point shooter. That’s not his bread-and-butter shot. He was shooting the ball so well tonight.”

On Dez Wells’ game-winning three:

“When he shot it, I thought, ‘It has a chance to go in, but I’d rather have him out there than driving to the basket and getting the layup and the foul.’ That would have really been what he normally does.”

On his team’s shooting:

“We also played better offense than we normally do. We shot the ball well. We were 10-for-20 in the first half, 12-24 in the second half, 50 percent for the game, 42 percent from three. The only thing we didn’t shoot well from was the foul line, 64 percent. It makes a huge difference.”

On Maryland’s press:

“We expected it. They press from time to time, but we’re the kind of team that, we don’t have a lot of depth and we don’t have a lot of guard play right now in terms of point guards. Our two point guards are freshmen.”

On Maryland shooting 56 percent tonight:

“They were very sharp tonight. They were very hungry. They’re a talented offensive team. They’ve got a lot of weapons, a lot of different guys that can shoot the three, and when they’re shooting really well they’re tough.”

Miami freshman guard Manu Lecompte

On Maryland pulling away:  

“I think on offense we didn’t do a bad job. On defense, it was hard to guard their threes. They barely missed any in the first half. I like that we didn’t give up. We fought through the end.”

On Wellz playing perfectly in the second half:

“I think he was very good tonight, but our team should have played not only one-on-one better, but played defense more.”

On Miami’s struggles offensively:

“I think we were looking to shoot the ball well. That was a great night shooting-wise for us. It was hard.”