Maryland-NC Central Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:

“Most complete game we’ve played. Really happy with the way we played. We really defended. Did a great job on [Jeremy] Ingram. I thought Dez [Wells] and Nick [Faust] really were committed to guarding that kid. Coach Bino [Ranson] did a great job with the scouting report. I thought we were prepared defensively. We were deep, we were a very deep team today. Nick really helped us off the bench with 19 points, but [we] played a lot of post guys and finally figured that out. Gave everybody a chance. Charles [Mitchell] really played well today.”

On improvement being as simple as one more player:

“I think it is. It gives us all confidence, it give us depth. The defense is nice. I know offensively we’re going to get better as Seth [Allen] gets closer to healthy. And our post play gets better. It was good. And our rebounding, after the first five, six minutes our rebounding was terrific.”

On Seth Allen’s impact on the team:

“Nick [Faust] was terrific. There’s less pressure on everybody. There’s less pressure on Nick. There’s less pressure on Dez [Wells].  There’s less pressure on Jake [Layman]. All because Seth’s back. Seth can score and Seth can do a lot of things. Less pressure on Roddy [Peters]. Roddy can just play and do what he does. And less pressure on our post guys, Evan [Smotrycz]. And I think it’s given us all confidence. It’s that simple. I think Nick’s just going out and doing what he’s been taught to do and he’s doing it well right now. I’m really happy for him because he didn’t shoot the ball well early in the season. Now he’s starting to shoot it and it’s really helping our team.”

On the bench:

“It’s amazing what the bench does to you. The two guys working the hardest in the gym yesterday were Shaq [Cleare] and Charles [Mitchell]. They stayed after and worked. Shaq didn’t get as much chance as Charles did tonight, but there’s competition there now instead of just giving minutes to certain guys.”

On his feeling on the team:

“I like it a lot better today than I did 10 days ago. We’re not looking backward, we’re just looking forward. That’s the whole thing. We’ve got such a tough schedule and a good schedule ahead of us that’s in our control. Got a good Georgia Tech team coming in here. I do feel good about it. I think defensively as a coach I feel more comfortable with our team. And I know our execution is just going to keep getting better offensively as we move forward.”

Junior Guard Nick Faust

On stopping Ingram:

“Coach [Turgeon] has been emphasizing a lot on locking in on the leading scorer and doing what we can to block the shots. Just defending pretty well and trying to slow [Ingram] down. So we just tried to push him to take shots and we did a great job tonight on it.

On going into conference play:

“This is definitely a confidence booster. I’m just trying to get into the groove and play the best I can to help the team. Performing well off the bench is something big for this team, so I’m glad I got that done.”

On defense and offense playing off of each other:

“Today I would say I played good defense. It might have rubbed off of me playing well on offense. I’m not sure. I just try to play hard on both ends of the court.”

On Seth being back:

“[Seth Allen] being back is very helpful. He’s a great offensive threat and knows how to get the team going. He gets the flow of the team.”

Junior Guard Dez Wells

On the defensive effort on Jeremy Ingram:

“[We just took] the same defensive principles that we take against any good scorer, just make all of his shots tough.  With good scorers you’re not going to be able to stop them every single play. As long as their shots are tough and they have to use a lot of energy on defense and offense to get their shots off, then that’s a win for us.”

On having extra depth with Seth Allen back:

“That’s always good. He adds another dynamic both defensively and offensively to our team so we’re just happy he’s back.”

On what it’s like having Seth Allen and Roddy Peters on the floor at the same time:

“It spreads the floor a lot for us and it gives us an extra scorer out there.  Seth can do things right now that Roddy can’t do and Roddy can do things right now that Seth can’t do.  Having both of those guys on the floor with either Nick, me, or Jake is a very lethal combination of guards out there on the floor. Coach Turgeon does a great job with changing up the rotations and making sure everybody is in tune and in rhythm. My hat goes off to him -- he does a great job with that and Seth and Roddy do a great job finding us.”

NC Central Head Coach LeVelle Moton

On his team’s play:

“The first half I thought we executed, we had open shots that we just didn’t make and I thought [Maryland] had a lot to do with that. They did a great job in getting their hand up in Jeremy [Ingram’s] face. I told the team we can’t be a fair-weather team where we only want to play hard and play defense when we make shots. “

On Ingram shooting 4 of 19:

 “I don’t want to discredit [Maryland]. When a guy misses shots, you’ve got to give the other team credit. But I’ve also seen Jeremy make those shots, too. When he misses free throws, it’s not their defense. That’s on him. He missed a couple of open looks, but that’s just going to happen. He has to remain locked in and not see himself just as a scorer but as the leader of this basketball team.

On the challenge of playing Maryland:

“Anytime you come into an environment like this and play a team that is bigger, stronger and faster, it’s always a great challenge. We’re always up for challenges. We weren’t intimidated by any stretch of the imagination. We came in here fully expecting to win. They’re completely different since Seth [Allen] came back. I think it puts everyone in comfortable roles.”