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Feb. 10, 2013

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 80-69 loss to Virginia Sunday afternoon.

Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon 

Opening Statement:

"I thought Virginia was great from start to finish; I thought it was their day. They had a lot to do with making it their day. Every loose ball, every 50/50 play, we seemed a little lethargic, a half step slow from the beginning. We never stopped competing; we tried hard, we just couldn't guard them. They have lost a couple of players and gone small and they have become very hard to guard. We couldn't guard them today. We never quit trying to guard them. Give them a lot of credit."

On being out rebounded:

"I thought we were a half step slow; I thought they were real physical. They held their box outs. We didn't handle the physicality early very well. It was their day, it definitely wasn't ours."

On Alex Len:

"I didn't think he was very good the first half, or the start of the second half. The physicality got to him. He had to chase around Justin Anderson and that wasn't fair to him. Justin made a three during that stretch, and he made another three and got six points. That wasn't fair to Alex; we were trying to figure it out. They did a good job on him, they doubled him. I kept telling him he has to get to the boards and get second chance points. Charles [Mitchell] played a few minutes and he got to the boards and got one and scored. He has to be a little bit more physical. It wasn't his best day."

On Pe'Shon Howard:

"Its two games in a row that Pe [Pe'Shon Howard] has really played well. He guarded [Joe] Harris really well. He got through screens better than anybody else. He hit a big three which was good to see. He got to the lane--he was aggressive. It's good to see him back and playing that way. He is going to help us down the stretch."

Sophomore Guard Nick Faust

On Virginia:

"Virginia was really good today. We were just a step slower than them. That's no excuse to say we're tired; we've just got to play better and make shots. I just feel as though when the game got close they just made a play every time." 

On the loss:

"This one hurt. Once again, they just shot very well. They shot over 50 percent. They played a very good game. They were just hot today. They were hitting, nothing we really could do. They just made plays."

On the next game against Duke:

"We're looking forward to this week, just getting better. We don't play until Saturday. So we've just got to practice well, and just look forward to playing Duke. It's a big, big, big game. We have to try to get the win."

On Virginia Forward Justin Anderson:

"He played an amazing game today. I've never seen him make so many shots ever in my life. He played a great game. He was hitting jump shots and attacking very strong. He played a great game today and he did a good job."

Freshman Guard Seth Allen

On the guard play:

"The guards, we could have helped rebounded a little more. Give Virginia credit, they were on the floor, every loose ball. They wanted it."

On being tired:

"I personally didn't feel tired. I felt good. Guys got a little winded quick, but so was Virginia. I didn't think we were that tired."

On them hitting late shots:

"Like I said before, you have to give Virginia credit. They hit a lot of shots. They shot 54 percent. Every time we got on a run, they would hit a good shot--so they did good."

On pressing:

"The press really speeded up the game; got them to take some shots, some quick turnovers. It got our defense going. We're probably going to practice it a little bit more just to see how that works for us.

"I honestly don't know what it was. There was a couple of open shots that we couldn't hit, and they had open shots that they hit; so it wasn't shot selection, there were a lot of good shots. Our shots just weren't falling."

Senior Guard Logan Aronhalt

On the loss:

"I think it really opened some guys' eyes now because it's getting so late in the season. There's no more next game. It has to be right now."

On the next week:

"It's going to be a good week. Coach is already talking about it. We don't have a game, so we're going to be getting after it. We have Duke coming in on Saturday, so guys have to be ready to go. If they're not, then I don't know what's wrong. I don't know if there is anything I can say for that."

On Coach Turgeon talking about the week ahead:

"He definitely talked about it and he told us that he's going to watch some film, and I think meet with us individually about what we can do better. So we just have to find an understanding; it seems like at times we have that, and then at other times we don't. Tonight, we didn't."

 Virginia Coach Tony Bennett 

On how the team was able to shoot well:

"Well obviously we moved the ball well; we had different guys shooting well, and we were very efficient. It probably helped us out when we were turning the ball over down the stretch. I thought we had a hard time containing them off the dribble. Thankfully, we were able to overcome that with some good shooting and some good offense."

On the play of Justin Anderson:

"He got us off to a good start... I think one of the reasons we rebounded well was that they didn't always play their two bigs at times, they tried to match up with us offensively. Early when Justin [Anderson] had one of the fours or fives on him, he really got free. I thought he did some good things--he got a little shaky there at the end with some of those turnovers--but he was the first to say `my bad.' He made some terrific plays, and really played well for us... I look at his rebounding line, those nine rebounds we needed that. He had some big physical rebounds.

On positioning the team for a run in the second half of the season:

"I think for us what keeps us humble is that when we play well, we have a chance to compete and be successful. When we're off our game, we struggle. I think that's the truth for most teams in college basketball, though there's a few that can handle it because they're so talented. It's such a fine line to walk, so you just try to play as good of ball as you can. You're never quite as good as you think, and you're never as far away as you think. You work in practice and prepare, and it was good to see some of those young guys step up."

On playing well on the road:

"I think guys play so much basketball now... I thought we showed some of those young mistakes down the stretch at times, but we overcame that with good shooting. But absolutely with that kind of deposit on the good side, you can learn from it; it's important. I think what happened at Georgia Tech showed you can't take your foot off the gas pedal. You really need to stay engaged, because usually on the road the other team is going to make some shots and do some things that you're going to have to withstand."

Junior Forward Akil Mitchell

On out-rebounding Maryland:

"I think everyone helped rebound. It wasn't just me or the bigs tonight--the guards came back and got long rebounds. It was a total team effort."

On the offensive output:

"It feels good that the ball is going in. Everyone is shooting well. It's a testament to our extra work after practice, and getting extra shots in. We all feel great about this."

Senior Guard Jontel Evans 

On their three-point shooting:

"It was target practice out there today. Nobody could miss. The guys get a lot of reps in practice and it showed today. I'm always telling them to be ready when I'm in the game. When I drive into the lane I'm always looking for them to be open.

On the team's effort:

"We told guys to get the loose balls. That was a key in our last loss. We didn't grab the ball last time and it hurt us. We wanted to get the long rebounds today and capitalize on them.

Junior Guard Joe Harris:

On their shooting:

"We were in a rhythm. Guys like Jontel [Evans] were able to create off the bounce and get open shots for us. After that, we just knocked the shots down."

On their offense:

"I think we got into a good flow today. Everyone was moving really well without the ball. We take a lot of pride in our shooting ability. We shot well as a team, and kept scoring."

On the rebounding effort:

"We knew coming in that Maryland was a really good rebounding team. We practiced a lot on getting our guards back to get the long rebounds. We made an effort to have everyone come back to the ball defensively."