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Dec. 8, 2012

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 61-46 win over South Carolina State Saturday afternoon.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:
"It's a win. I was pleased with the attendance today; we had 12,000 people for a Saturday afternoon game. The students were good; they were into the game. It wasn't really a game that you could get into very easily. We made free-throws--18 out of 22. Our field goal percentage defense was really good again. They made quite a few shots late. Besides that it wasn't really a fun game to be a part of to be honest. We didn't make shots that we have been making. They could stay zone and in their delay game because we could never get separation since we couldn't make a shot throughout the game. It's a `W', and we will move on and take the day off tomorrow, and hope to get better in practice on Monday."

On the offense:
"I thought that we shot quickly in the first half. We missed shots that we normally make. Nick [Faust] never really got going. Pe'Shon [Howard] made a couple which was nice to see, and Logan [Aronhalt] made a couple. In general they could just keep sagging in. we missed layups too and shots that we have been making and are going to make. I'm not really concerned about it. I think them using the clock and delaying, we tried to get them to speed it up and we just couldn't do it. I think that affected our offense. We were trying to get eight-point plays and not come down and get the best shot for us. We will learn from it. We will run into it again, and we will be better because of it the next time a team comes in and does that to us."

On the assists:
"I think they are trying to do the right thing. We took a couple of quick shots in the first half. They are trying to do the right thing, so they are trying to share the ball. Sixteen assists would have been a high for last year. We had 16 assists on 19 buckets and that's pretty good for us. We are trying to do the right things. That just wasn't a lot of fun for me."

On limiting the turnovers:
"We worked on it and it was better. Our guards were actually pretty good last game. If you look at the assists to turnovers our guards were fine, but our bigs were bad. Shaq [Cleare] had two to start the second half; Charles [Mitchell] had two early, he wasn't ready to play. That's four of our 11 and that just shouldn't happen. Those turnovers we can clean up. We will continue to get better. We are doing some things in practice that I think will help us. Guys are conscious with it, so I was happy with it."

Sophomore Forward Dez Wells

On the team's performance:

"I think we played well. That was the first time this season we played against an offense like that. We're going to have to play another team like that later, so it was a good experience for us. We executed our offense well and played hard defensively. We also out-rebounded them and cut down on our turnovers from last game."

On being a team leader:
"I've always been a vocal player. This year, I'm one of the veteran players so my voice has to carry a lot more on this team. I have to be accountable for my mistakes and be the player that Coach [Turgeon] needs me to be."  

Freshman Guard Seth Allen

On the offensive performance:

"Guys really weren't hitting shots today. Their zone was weird, and we haven't played anything like that before. We were so wide open and I think it threw off our rhythm for the whole game."

On Maryland's turnovers:
"We've turned the ball over way too much to start the year. Eleven turnovers this game is still a lot, but it's less than other games. When someone turns the ball over in practice, they have to do five pushups. Since nobody wants to do pushups, we really focus on protecting the ball and not turning it over."

Sophomore Center Alex Len

On the win:

"We did everything Coach asked us to do. I think we had a little trouble playing against their zone. By the end of the game we figured out how to play against it; so it was a good game."

On playing against South Carolina State:
"We tried to play inside out, but it didn't really work. Logan [Aronhalt] helped us a lot. He helps to space us out a little bit so it's easier for the big guys."

Freshman Center Shaquille Cleare

On playing against South Carolina State's zone:

"They just tried to slow us up and get us bored on defense. We have to always try to remain disciplined."

On learning from the game and the low scoring:
"You can't forget about it, but you also have to look past it. We have to learn from this game because we're going to find teams like that--who use all the minutes on the shot clock and take the last minute shots. We just have to remain disciplined and remained focused at all times."

On improving free throws:
"Coach Turgeon says after every practice we have to shoot 25 free throws. After last practice, he wanted us to shoot 50 free throws. So it's helping our percentage a lot."

South Carolina State Coach Tim Carter

Opening statement:
"When you can come to an ACC school and hold them to 37 percent from the field, you've done a good job on defense. Our entire mindset coming into this game was to try and figure out how to get better. We tried to decrease their possessions. We did that. We did a good job defensively. If we had hit shots it may have been a whole different ballgame. I thought we got better, but we're just young. This is the youngest team I've ever coached."

On limiting Maryland offensively:
"We wanted to decrease possessions today. We went to our weave, and that decreases possessions and eats the clock up. Then we attacked them in our halfcourt offense. We got good shots. I would take those shots any day. We just didn't hit them."

On the defensive gameplan:
"[Our gameplan] was to give them one shot by packing our defense in and using our matchup zone."

On their inability to hit shots:
"It was our wings that weren't hitting shots. Patrick Myers, Shaquill Mitchell--those guys weren't hitting shots on the perimeter. When they're not hitting shots, we're not going to be very good."