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Nov. 20, 2012

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 83-74 victory over Lafayette Tuesday evening.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:
"I am really pleased with the win. I think we really played well in stretches. I thought Lafayette was great, not good but great. They are very well coached and got hot. We got it to 19 and subbed it got to 11 in three possessions and that gave them a lot of confidence. There was a lot of fight in them throughout the game. The only thing I was disappointed in was in the second half we turned it over too much and didn't rebound. That got a little old for me. Besides that we couldn't make a jump shot and missed a lot of free throws and still got 83 points. We are doing something right out there sharing the ball, and just playing our defense in the second half. Give them a lot of credit they were hard to guard. We probably ran five different ball screen defenses trying to confuse them and help us. We were good in some of them and not so good in others."

On sophomore guard Nick Faust:
"I thought Nick [Faust] was great tonight. It's funny because we continue to talk and meet and Nick wants to score. I said some nights Nick you are going to get 16 or 18 and other nights you are going to get four or six. He took the first three in the corner and I said, "Nick don't settle for three." I thought he did a great job driving. We talked about two feet stops in the lane and your [Manu] Ginobili move so you don't run over people in the lane, I think he used both of them tonight. He got better. He got a little bit lazy on defense there at the end but I thought his defense was better. I said to the radio that Nick played with some poise tonight. Everyone expects us to be great, or maybe they don't I don't read what people think. This is a process for us, we have a lot of young players. I thought Nick played with poise. He isn't allowed to act like a sophomore he has to act older than that. It was by far I think his best game."

On the team's improvement:
"We are a lot better than we were two weeks ago. We have some holes. Tonight it was jump shooting, free throws and rebounding. We don't box out the way I want my team to box out. I think defensively we made huge strides, even though they made 15 threes I know it sounds crazy, they did shoot 39 percent. There were some unbelievable defensive possessions out there. I think we have gotten better there. Our offense is where ahead of where it was any time last year. We are getting there. It is going to be like that for us. I liked there energy tonight. I thought at times we played really well it was just that one substitution that hurt us and I learned a little bit about myself and how I have to coach this team going forward."

On senior forward James Padgett:
"James [Padgett] was good tonight. I didn't play him a lot at the end of the game because we found a rhythm and wanted to get Charles [Mitchell] in there tonight. James finished, made his free throws, played smart defensively. Made the one turnover in the second half trying to do the right thing he just went too fast. He is important. He is the one senior who is playing a lot. I think he is playing with poise and talking. Defensively I have a lot of confidence in him too."

On the team's offense:
"We are sharing the ball and we have great balance. We had five guys in double figures tonight. We can score in a variety of ways. We just have balance and good players. They want to win and share the ball and do the right things."

Freshman Forward Charles Mitchell
On Lafayette:
"We had to adjust a lot, switch a lot. We had to adjust our defense with the way they were playing. The whole team can shoot, one through five. You leave them open and they'll knock it down. It was just a defensive thing we had to switch."

On guard Nick Faust:
"This is the most settled I've seen him. He's playing out of control, playing more comfortably; he's been himself. He's not forcing anything, and that's better for our team."

On center Alex Len and forward James Padgett:
"It means a great deal when we have [Padgett and Len] clogging lanes because it opens up for our guards on the wing. When they're having a good game, it opens up stuff for our wingmen."

On the team's progression:
"I see progress with each game. We all get better. We're passing the ball, sharing the ball with each other - just being helpful with all our teammates. We're just helping each other on the court, [we're] better defensively. This was probably the best game, shooting the ball."

Sophomore Forward Dez Wells

On guard Nick Faust:
"He looked a lot like he was calmed down. He was letting the game come to him. I told him before the game that he had to bounce back because he didn't play too well last game. I told him to just take it easy and let everything come to him."

On adjusting to Lafayette's play:
"We hadn't gotten adjusted to their zone [in the first half]. That was the first time we've played a team that played zone this year. I'm pretty sure a lot of other teams will start playing zone, so we just really wanted to be patient. Just be patient and make the extra pass. If we know one person is open and we drive the ball we know someone else is going to be open too. The whole defense collapsed on one person once we drove the ball. It's just about trying to make the extra pass and be patient and do whatever Coach told us to do."

Senior Forward James Padgett
On playing with Alex Len:
"We kept moving the ball and waiting to see who was open to get them the ball. We wanted to get the ball inside to whomever was open."

On rebounding:
"[Coach] was a little upset that we didn't rebound the ball pretty well, but a lot of long shots means a lot of long rebounds, so a lot of rebounds came up long that we couldn't get. We went out there and tried to rebound as much as we could."

On not being the main focus on offense:
"It's a lot easier when you aren't the main focus on offense. The ball comes a lot easier to you."

On not getting recognition:
"One of our coaches said, `Winning leaves opportunity for everyone to benefit from," so as long as we're winning, I'm happy."

Sophomore Guard Nick Faust:
On his shooting:
"My outside shot didn't fall, so I had to go to the inside."

On practicing his shot immediately following the Morehead State game:
"I had a bad taste in my mouth, so I felt like I had to get it out and the only way to do that is to get better."

On the defensive play:
"They are a great shooting team and I felt as though we contested most of [their shots], but they got some open [3 point shots]. We'll just get better in practice and get better at defense. There aren't too many good shooting teams like them in the country, so we'll be fine."

On the team's progress:
"I think we're getting better every day. As long as we keep working hard in practice, we'll be fine. We just need to listento coach and execute what he is saying and we'll be fine."

Lafayette Coach Fran O'Hanlon

Opening statement:
"I would say we played our hearts out. We played a really good basketball game. I said to the guys `Just because you shoot well, doesn't mean you play well, this game we played well and we shot well on top of that.' We took care of the basketball, we battled the whole game, and did a very good job. At the end of the day, their strength, size, and points in the paint were too much for us to overcome. I'm extremely proud of how we played."

On the team only having seven turnovers:
"For us, we can shoot the ball. We're not always going to shoot 50 percent, we do have some really good shooters and the right guys shot today. For us, we shot 15-32 from three, so that's a terrific shooting night on our part. We're capable if the right guys take the shot, and make those shots and we did that tonight. Obviously their points in the paint were huge against them. I don't know what the answer is to that, but we certainly don't have the strength and bulk they have inside."

On players picking up extra minutes off the bench:
"I hope that this pays off for us in the long run. You get guys like Alan Flannigan some more minutes, and guys like that and they get a few extra shots. For us, we need to keep getting better so that we're better in January and February when league play starts. I think these minutes will come back to help us in the long run."

On what he takes away from a game like this:
"I think the big thing was our poise got better today. I think going into these arenas, whether it's the pressure Kentucky puts on us or Morehead [State], I think today we played with more poise. I'm hoping that that's going to carry over, because it's just one game. We did take care of the basketball. If we can do that and make shots, we're not a great rebounding team, we need to take care of the basketball."