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Jan. 5, 2013

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 94-71 victory over Virginia Tech Saturday afternoon.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:
"I was pleased with us today. I was greatly pleased with the crowd. The crowd was great from the opening tip until the end. It makes a huge difference; that's why I came to Maryland. If we got it going the fans would be there for us. I am really proud of my team. We weren't great the whole game obviously, but we were good enough. We shared the ball again, guarded pretty good; we just didn't rebound. That was the biggest negative, we didn't rebound. A lot of that was just their penetration kept breaking us down. It's hard to rebound when penetration breaks you down. That [Erick] Green is really good, and tough to guard. I thought we did a great job on [Jarell] Eddie and [Robert] Brown, but the ball screen defense hurt us. But that kid is special."

On the freshmen:
"They are all ready. I keep telling you that they weren't ready. In practice, I was waiting for them to get ready and they weren't. Seth [Allen] was probably the farthest along; Charles [Mitchell] got a little out of shape; and then Shaq [Cleare] has been practicing hard. They are all ready. I was really happy. It worked perfectly; we threw it inside-out and he [Jake Layman] hits the first shot and then he got a couple of tip ins. He was much better defensively. They are big time players, and all of our new guys played well.

"It is amazing. We thought Nick [Faust] was going to be healthy. In practice yesterday we thought he was going to be able to play and he couldn't. His back cramped up on him. We did that game without Nick, and Dez [Wells] was in foul trouble. That is comforting to know that we can do that. I know it was a home game, but Logan [Aronhalt] hit a big shot for us and our execution was pretty good. I was disappointed in our press offense, but that was my fault, and I will get them more prepared next time."

On Jake Layman's slump heading into the game:
"I think Jake was struggling because he had such high expectations. Because he made that Under-18 US team it put even more expectations on him. I wasn't concerned because he was practicing hard every day. He went home for Christmas and regrouped--he has a great family. We believe in him, and I started coaching him differently; he doesn't need to be screamed and yelled at, he just needs to be coached. Today was a huge day for him."

On defending Erick Green:
"He is really good. He reminds me a lot of Terrell [Stoglin]. I didn't let Terrell go like that--if I did Terrell would have gotten 30 a game. He is hard to guard. He is hard to guard in ball screens, especially when you have a seven-foot guy trying to help in a ball screen, and you have Shaq [Cleare], who is 280, trying to help on a ball screen. We have to play him again; we will have to guard him a lot better if we want to beat him on the road. I did think we did a good job on [Robert] Brown and [Jarell] Eddie. [Cardarian] Raines got going because they penetrated so much that we couldn't get our box outs. He is a good player."

On Pe'Shon Howard:
"Pe'Shon can shoot. He has been hitting them in practice. He was so hot in pregame... I thought, this kid is going to knock them down. He missed his first two. The thing about Pe'Shon is he quit shooting and got everyone involved, and guarded and ran the offense. He is exhausted, he had to play thirty [minutes] and guard that kid [Erick Green]. I was proud of Pe. We are so explosive offensively that we don't need him."

 Freshman Forward Jake Layman
On his performance:
"It's ACC time. We all have to step up for it, and I think I was ready for it. It was a great game for us."

On starting ACC play:
"It's the ACC; it's one of the best leagues in the country. You have to bring it every night."

On going home for break:
"Going home for four days, it really helped me think about the player I wanted to be, and how I wanted to help this team. I think it helped me out a lot."

On starting the season slow:
"For me, it wasn't really expectations, or how the media wanted me to play, or how I was ranked coming in; it was really just getting adjusted to the game for me. I think I'm there now."

On his first 3-pointer of the game:
"It was awesome. Hitting my first 3 and having the crowd go crazy--I was hyped."

Freshman Guard Seth Allen
On the crowd:
"They were great. The crowd really gave us a lot of momentum in transition. They were really getting under Virginia Tech's skin when they got a turnover or something. You could tell they were forcing things, and they really helped us a lot."

On the improved shooting percentage:
"Good shot selection. We took a lot of great shots, open shots. We played inside out. Alex [Len] found the open man and we would just knock it down."

On starting ACC play:
"We learned to come out and do great the first four minutes. The first four minutes of a basketball game really shows who's going to come out victorious. We really hit them in the mouth early, and that's kind of what got us going."

Sophomore Center Alex Len
On spreading the minutes around the team:
"It takes pressure from me, from Dez [Wells], and from all the starters because we know that we don't have to do everything by ourselves. The young guys help us a lot."

On how the depth helps during practice:
"Practice is really hard. Everybody wants playing time, so it's big competition. Everybody works hard for their minutes."

On why he had a good game:
"I just worked hard and watched film. We had a deeper team than them. We played guys for like 24 or 25 minutes and they played 30-some minutes for four or five players. They got tired and we just kept running."

Sophomore Guard Dez Wells
On Jake Layman:
"I've been telling Jake since I got here: he's like the little brother that's bigger than the big brother. He doesn't realize his potential and how good he can be, so once he really owns all his potential and gets to himself and gets going, he's going to be one of the best players to play at Maryland. He has so many talents. He has great length, he has great athleticism, and he can shoot the ball. Once his in-between game picks up, he's going to be a lot better."

On the crispness of the game:
"Against the competition we've played against, yes I feel like that's the best we've played so far. Like we've been telling each other since our last game, our record is 0-0 now--or 1-0 now--but everything we've done up to this point before the game doesn't matter. We just wanted to start fresh and tell the ACC that we're a really good team."

Virginia Tech Coach James Johnson

Opening Statement:
"Tough one tonight. We're disappointed with the outcome, but I'm pleased with a couple things I saw out there on the floor, and we had guys competing. We had some guys step on the boards. Going into ACC play you've got to have more guys playing well, and we just haven't had that in the past couple games. In ACC play, teams are very familiar with your personnel. We need more guys to be consistent and make plays for us."

On C.J. Barksdale's absence:
"One of the things we've been talking about is effort and competing, and I think right now we have more guys competing harder than C.J. We're going to need him, but people are playing better than he is right now.

"He's been a starter all year, but he just hasn't been getting it done the way I want, so I wanted to try some other guys. He's got to step it up... I think the guys that played in his place did a pretty good job tonight."

On Jake Layman:
"We knew he could shoot the ball--he just hadn't been shooting it great up until this point. He did a good job of being confident and knocking down shots early to get them confident. We certainly knew about him. He had a really good game for them."

On how he thinks his team will respond:
"They are playing and practicing hard. I can't ask for much more than that. As long as we work hard in practice and want to get better. That's what they've been doing. I think we are going to come in, learn from the film, and we're going to work hard. That's what they did in the past so I expect them to do the same."

Senior Guard Erick Green
On the team's performance:
"I thought we competed, I really do. Even though the score may not show it, I thought we had some energy, and were able to compete. But Maryland's a good team. They out-rebounded us. We have to crash the boards more. They also went on a nice little run [in the first half], and we never caught up. We can't let a team score 90 points and expect to win."

On Terps' guard Jake Layman:
"He got hot and played a great game. For a freshman, that's a good way for him to step up. He caught me off guard, and I didn't think he was going to score that much."

On Maryland's three-point shooting:
"We contested most of their shots, but they still were just hitting them. They were on fire as a team and we couldn't find a way to stop that."

Freshman Forward Joey van Zegeren
On how well they matched up with the Terps:
"I think we did a good job matching up with [Maryland]. They were just better on the boards and they out-rebounded us. But I think we need to get more disciplined as a team. They went on a run against us; so we just need to find a way to go on a run of our own."

On Virginia Tech's defensive effort:
"We had some issues with our transition defense after turnovers. They were able to run on us and get some easy layups. At the end they got some free throws in a one-and-one situation, which inflated the score a bit. I think we have to get better at rebounding. Maryland had too many offensive rebounds and second-chance opportunities."

On Alex Len:
"He is difficult to guard because of his length. He is a tall guy with long arms that can rebound really well. Offensively and defensively he was always a presence, and made things difficult for us."