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Dec. 29, 2012

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 79-50 win over Delaware State Saturday afternoon.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:
"I was pleased; I thought we played really well. I thought we executed really well. The only thing we didn't do well was rebound, so that was a little bit disappointing. Give [Delaware State] some credit--they were a little bit tougher than us rebounding wise. Our freshmen and bench were great. We outscored them 45-8 with our bench. Guys have been practicing well and it showed."

On Charles Mitchell:
"I think it is real simple: he gained weight. He wasn't playing minutes. We weren't doing the extra conditioning that he needs. He was probably eating a few pizzas at night that he shouldn't be eating, and he got back to his discipline. I was proud of his free-throw shooting too, he was 3-4 and they all looked good. The one bounced out but it looked good. He has worked hard and has lost weight. He works his tail off; when we get beat on the boards it's not because of him. He has great hands. He rushes some shots still, but he was good."

On Mitchell's post game:
"I wish I could take credit but he was a good player coming out of high school. He had a really good coach in high school and a really good AAU program that worked with him. Charles has a left and right hand down there, which is a big adjustment to this level scoring down there compared to high school. I think it is more or less that he hasn't had the opportunities, and tonight you saw him. He is still rushing shots but he can score down there. He can also handle the ball and pass it, and you saw a little bit of that tonight. Good for him. I am happy for him because he has worked really hard."

On playing after a long break:
"We are coming. We have practiced so well. The break was great; we really needed a break. We have been on them so hard since June. We practice in July, take August off, and start in September. I think the break really helped us. We also know what is ahead next Saturday, and we are really excited about that. I think you see a little sense of urgency with us. We really executed well. We got Logan [Aronhalt] some open looks, and they all know Logan is a really good shooter. That is good execution even though he didn't make them [today]. We made some adjustments and went away from the zone offense. We started running our man stuff against their matchup zone. It is coming. I am excited about this group and where it can go."

Freshman Guard Seth Allen
On Charles Mitchell:
"Coach really gets on Chuck to give 100 percent effort every time, so that's what Chuck did out there. He got all those rebounds and second-chance points. He really helped us on the boards. Without Chuck, I don't think we would have out-rebounded them."

On how this game will help Charles Mitchell going forward:
"It definitely helped him. It helps him build confidence, and overall it helps him want to come out next game and do it again. He's been putting in extra work, doing extra cardio trying to lose weight, eating right on a diet. I know he's going to keep it up, so Chuck's going to be fine."

On starting ACC play soon:
"We're really excited. Right now we just need to focus and get better. There's room for a lot of improvement. We can improve in a lot of areas, so we're just going to fix everything we can and just try to play Maryland basketball."

Freshman Forward Charles Mitchell
On playing as a team:
"It feels great to get everyone to touch the ball and everyone to rotate, and everyone on the floor and all our teammates just playing together. When we have a lead on a team we want to keep it. We don't want to give up a lead. We should be beating teams by 20 or 30 points."

On moving on to league play:
"We still have some stuff to work on like boxing out, rebounding more, and just being more aggressive on defense - being tougher. After that, I think we will be a great and ready for league play--after this next game coming up on Tuesday."

 Sophomore Guard Dez Wells
On the team's recent performances:
"We are playing really good. Everybody is executing. Everyone is getting involved, so that is most important."

On freshman forward Charles Mitchell:
"Chuck is a big-time athlete so he is going to take care of his body. He is going to do what it takes for us to be good. He is going to play his part and carry his own weight. Chuck is a great player and I am glad he is on my team."

On Charles Mitchell's performance today:
"I always tell him that he can do that every night. Off the bench he can do that every night; imagine if next year or this year he works his way into the starting spot. He is a walking double-double. The ball gravitates to him sometimes. He is just a great offensive rebounder and a great player. He just brings so much energy."

On Charles Mitchell's rebounding abilities:
"He gets his hands on a lot of balls and that is great for us. If he doesn't get the rebound, he gets the assist to the person that does get the rebound. He is just a dynamic rebounder."

Delaware State Coach Greg Jackson

On Maryland's run in the first half:
"We lost our composure. We started taking quick shots, and that allowed them to get our in transition and get easy buckets. When you're playing a team of that caliber you cannot afford to give them that many opportunities. During that stretch we just lost our composure. They went on a run, and that was pretty much the ballgame."

On the game plan:
"We're not strong enough in [man-to-man defense] or zone to give them that many possessions. We tried to slow them down and possess the basketball, but their defense forced us to speed up a little more than we would've liked to."

On what impressed him about Maryland:
"They're strong inside; they move well without the basketball, and they execute."