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Feb. 16, 2013

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Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“Our fans were great from beginning to end, passionate. I told our players before the game there is a lot of pride in Maryland basketball. We didn’t perform well last week. For them to show up in droves, I know it was Duke but the students lined up and came early. There was a lot of pride. There was also a lot of passion about Maryland basketball. We talked about pride and passion, and playing with those two things tonight, for us and for our fans. Our fans were just tremendous. We never quit, we never had a doubt we were going to win the game.

“I am really proud of my kids. I worked them really hard this week and challenged them in a lot of different areas. I told them before the game you don’t have to do anything extraordinary you just have to play to our level. We weren’t extraordinary all the time but we played to our level, we continued to compete. For our young guys, our young team, it’s one thing to play Duke close, it’s another thing to beat them. We figured out how to beat them by two, it’s a great win for us.”

On if it’s a break through win:

“It’s a great win. I challenged Alex [Len] about being Mason Plumlee’s little brother. He treats you like a little brother. He said I am tired of being a little brother since I have been here. It’s time for us to step up and act like one of the big guys on the block. Obviously we aren’t we are only 6-6 in the league. We beat a really good team tonight. Is it a break through win? We will see how we react from it. I am going to keep a foot on them. We have a lot of basketball ahead of us. A lot of big game and a lot of road games ahead of us down the stretch. I hope it is though, a confidence builder and a break through win for us.”

On Seth Allen:

“He made a lot of plays late, and he is hard to keep in front of you. We were running a play for Alex [Len], but our action distracted the defense and allowed him to get to all the way in deep. There was no doubt in my mind he was going to make them. [Tyler] Thornton was getting into him a little bit and I think it made Seth relax a little bit. I don’t know what 14 times 500 is but we shot that many free throws this week. The key was that we got to the foul line. We haven’t shot 34 free throws in a long time. We drove the ball and were aggressive and got to the line and made a lot. We shot 7,000 free throws this week. We still weren’t great but it was a better percentage.”

On the last play:

“We set a double screen for Logan [Aronhalt] on the baseline. Told him they were going to switch, which they did. Jake [Layman] went right into a cross screen for Alex [Len]. I told Seth [Allen] if the switch you throw it right to Alex. There was a lot of holding and grabbing going on, which happens late in the game. Seth just went by him and got all the way to the rim. We drove the ball, we have lost a couple of games where we shot jump shots but we drove it and got to the line. The kid grew up tonight.”

On Alex Len:

“He was tremendous all night. He was great on ball screen defense, and on protecting the rim. He picked up fouls three and four really quick, but he was dominating the game. He fouled, and I should have taken him out the one before the fourth foul. He was great, and I have been hard on Alex. For us to have a chance to make a run down the stretch we need Alex to continue to play at this high level.”

On defensive play and defending Seth Curry:

“He was phenomenal to start and he did it off the drive. Our entire game plan was that Duke had to beat us from two. They were one for six at halftime [from three], and being who we are we broke down a little bit in the second half. They missed some open ones for us also, but we did a nice job. Seth Curry is a winner and he makes big shots. Curry played really well tonight. I thought we did a great job defending him in the second half. Dez Wells and Nick Faust played really well. We went hard on our players this week—our guys were really sore on Thursday, so we dialed them back Friday to save some energy for tonight.”

On this game as a personal win:

“It has been a hard week. I take a lot of pride in my coaching. I don’t do a lot of things well, but I like to think that I can coach fairly well. It has been a hard week on my family, hard on my son last week. He had to leave the stands because the fans were so hard on his dad. This win was for my family and the fans. I know what this win means for our fan base, and I really wanted to beat Duke. This means a lot to me. Over the summer I said if we beat Duke I am going to be in the stands with our fans.”

Senior Forward James Padgett

On containing Mason Plumlee:

“We were just trying to execute defensively and force them to take tough shots. We played big bodies on him like Shaq [Cleare] to make him go through us and not just around us; so I think that’s what helped us out a lot.”

On the feeling in the locker room:

“The team is excited. It’s a big win for us that hopefully we can use as a momentum builder going into the last couple games in the ACC. Everyone is excited, but we’re not content. We’re going to continue to work and continue to get better.”

On when Seth Allen took the final free throws:

“[I was thinking] hopefully he makes these so we don’t have to go into overtime, and we come out with a big win. It was a great opportunity for Seth to step up and show he’s maturing.”

Sophomore Guard Nick Faust

On what the win means:

“It was a big win for us, for the school.”

On the win:

“It was a great push. We got this win and we’re just trying to strive to get this next one, so you know hopefully we use this in the right way, and beat Boston College on Wednesday.”

On the crowd:

“They were big. The crowd was into it almost every play. We got them into it and they just gave us a push at the end. You know, they’re a great team and the crowd really helped us a lot.”

Freshman Guard Seth Allen

On his play:

“[Coach] said to play through [the turnovers]. That’s a big test of your maturity, to go through the next play. I just tried to have amnesia, and tried to play every time.”

On the team’s improved free-throw percentage:

“…Coach told us we had to make 500 free throws as individuals before this game, so I just got comfortable in my routine and tried to knock them down.”

On Alex Len:

“One of our big keys was to play inside-out and let Alex [Len] go at [Mason] Plumlee. He was picking up fouls, and Alex kept attacking him. Alex played a great game." 

Sophomore Center Alex Len

On his play:

“I watched a lot of film this past week. I just took it as a challenge. I didn’t play well at their place, so it was a huge challenge for me to play against them." 

On the win:

“It’s all about the team. I really don’t care about how many points I score or how many rebounds I have. It’s a big win for our team and our program. I know our fans have waited for this win for four years.”

On the team’s play:

“We were getting stops [early] and that gave us confidence. We were really good on the defensive end.”

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski 

Opening Statement:

“That was a terrific game. Congratulations to Maryland. I thought the week of preparation they had for this game… they were fresh, they were determined ,and it was a tough team for us to play. In saying that, I thought our kids played like crazy. We had five guards out there a lot of the time. I actually thought Quinn [Cook]’s shot was in. For Rasheed [Sulaimon] to make those three free throws with that amount of pressure, and at different junctures when they got a 10 point lead… This has been an exhausting schedule for our team since NC State. We’re playing on fumes and I think you could tell that. Mason [Plumlee] looked exhausted the whole game. He’s been great. We’ll keep him, we believe in him, but that’s what happens. His teammates really did a great job. They showed so much heart to come back.  They had to win the game, we didn’t lose it. Our kids fought like crazy.”

On what adjustments they could have made:

“Tonight’s not about rotations or X’s and O’s. We don’t have any bigs. If Mason’s not playing, we’re just trying to survive. We’ve been trying to survive since Ryan [Murphy] went out and Mason’s carried us. Tonight, he wasn’t playing that well. Then you’re just trying to do whatever you can. Our team believes we can win. Our program believes it can win. I’ve got a bunch of winners in there, they don’t have positions. They’re just going to play their butts off and try to win a basketball game.”

On surviving adversity:

“I’m not going to single anyone out. There’s not strategy really in this. You’re trying to survive. You’re trying to get five guys out there to fight. There’s a lot of improvisation done in this game as a result of us not being able to do the normal things we’ve been doing. Our kids reacted well to them… I can’t ask any more from those kids and what they gave tonight. They put themselves in a position to win; they were just not able to win tonight.”

On what he thinks about the end of the Maryland/Duke rivalry:

“We don’t look at any rivalries; we look at each opponent the same. I’ve said that every time I’ve come here. I have a great deal of respect for Maryland. If it was such a rivalry they’d still be in the ACC. Obviously they don’t think it’s that important, or they wouldn’t be in the Big Ten. I respect their basketball program and the job their coaches have done and their players have done over the years. We’ve had some great games with them, but we have great games against a lot of people. A lot of people want to beat us, and they’re one of them.”

Senior Forward Mason Plumlee

On Maryland’s play:

“All their bigs played very well today. They made it difficult for us on both ends of the court. We weren’t able to execute”

On his play tonight:

 “I don’t think it was so much [Maryland’s] defensive coverage—I just have to show up. I didn’t show up to play today and I let my teammates down. That’s not how I’ve played all season. I hope it doesn’t happen again. It’s all on me.” 

Senior Guard Seth Curry

On the game’s final minutes:

“We were sharing the ball. We had a small lineup out there so we could move the ball. We also made some free throws that helped us get back into the game. It was hard to get in a rhythm though. The refs were calling a foul on every possession.

On all of the late fouls:

“It was frustrating. You just want to be able to play. Both teams played well the whole game, but the game changed when they called a foul and stopped play every possession. It wasn’t fun.”

Sophomore guard Quinn Cook

On the team’s toughness:

“We fought hard in the last ten minutes. We had a lot of players who stepped up big with all our foul trouble. Tyler [Thornton], Rasheed [Sulaimon], and Seth [Curry] all stepped up and played well. When Mason [Plumlee] gets all of the defense’s attention, other guys have to step up. Coach got us back in the game, so we just have to get better.”

On the missed three-point shot at the buzzer:

“I thought it was in when I got it off. But, it went off the glass and bounced out. Coach drew up a great play, and we got a good look at the end.”