Maryland-Pitt Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“I was proud of our team. I thought we had a great effort. We started the game well. We did a lot of things well. We executed better. We shared the ball better. Guys I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve been a head coach and I’ve been an assistant coach for about 26 years, and that’s one of the best teams I’ve coached against. How they’re ranked twentieth at 18-and-2 is beyond me.  I think they’re a top five team in the country. To come in this building and really control the game and be up eight, it shows you how good they are. They’re terrific on defense. They’ve got a way about them with [Lamar] Patterson and [Cameron] Wright and [Talib] Zanna and [James] Robinson; they all play way beyond their years. They were terrific. They made every shot when they had to and every free throw.”

On getting over the hump:

“We just made so many breakdowns defensively. We’re better in practice defensively than we were a month ago. It was really just one play, the double ball screen, that our big guys couldn’t get ahold of. We just couldn’t figure it out…They make the extra pass, they don’t settle, they finish through contact. You’ve got to give them a lot of credit. We never quit. We kept playing. We tried to execute and had a lot of guys play well. We didn’t make any jump shots. We made them early… But didn’t make a lot after that.”

On attacking the basket:

“We just executed better. We didn’t shoot so darn fast. When you shoot fast, you don’t have a chance. At the start of the second half we had two quick shots and a travel. That hurt us. We’re trying to figure it out. To score 79 points on Pitt is pretty good. They’re just tremendous on offense. They’re really hard to guard.”

On Seth Allen attacking the basket:

“I thought his decision making was much better tonight. He missed the one layup that he would normally make. He’s getting closer to 100 percent. We felt like he could exploit his matchup off the dribble pretty well. He did that.”

Junior Guard Dez Wells

On Lamar Paterson’s performance tonight:

“Our ball screen defense wasn’t as good as it should have been, and that comes back to communicating. We need to do a better job of talking and knowing situations like the shot clock or anticipating what will happen. You can’t teach those things, but those are instincts and we have to get better at it and pick it up.”

On Maryland’s effort and toughness:

“I think that we have gotten a lot better. I agree that we played a lot harder tonight and we played like our backs were against the wall. That is how we should play every night and that is what I expect from my team every night. Things do not always go our way. They shot way too many free-throws for my liking but that goes back to us playing better on defense. We have to know situations, like not fouling when the shot clock is going down. That is what a mature team does and that is not us yet. We have to get back to playing like I know we can play.”

Sophomore Forward Jake Layman

On coming up just short:

“We played really hard tonight. What really killed us was the start of the second half. We just went a little crazy, took some crazy shots and had some bad turnovers. That was really the game right there. We couldn’t catch up after that.”

On getting a double digit scoring game:

“I think it was being more patient and waiting for the right time to take my shot. I was hitting tonight, getting good rebounds and making good cuts. It was nice for me to finally score some buckets.”

On the solid ball movement throughout the game:

“I think we shared the ball great today. We had a lot of great shots, and great opportunities for our bigs and guards. We had some good drives and shared the ball really well today.”

Pitt Head Coach Jamie Dixon

Opening Statement:

“I’m really just proud of our guys. We withstood a hard-playing, aggressive, physical, tough team who’s very good and hard to guard. And they just kept battling. We kind of anticipated it. We talked about it after our last game and knowing how aggressive they were going to come in after it and they just kept battling. I think they’re a team that’s going to continue to get better with [Seth] Allen. You play without your point guard for a long part of the year, it takes a while to get him, get them, everybody on the same page and get them used to it. Making that adjustment midstream is not an easy thing to do. I anticipate this team getting better and better, as they have, because they played really well and played really hard tonight. But I was proud of our guys. We obviously had some foul trouble that we played through.”

On the win:

“We just kept battling and playing and I thought we handled things pretty well. We changed defense a couple times and kind of maybe slowed them down a little bit, but they were relentless. They played hard. They battled and we did a good job of staying within ourselves and playing through some things with six new guys out there for us and James [Robinson] on the bench at the end. Had to play through some fatigue and I think some fouls, but I thought we had great bench play. Jamel [Artis] -  I should have played him more, that was my mistake.”

On the team:

“Our team has focus. You can tell it by walkthroughs and you can tell it by their way that they handled themselves. Again, from Maryland’s start, we took care of things and then did a great job and withstood a lot of runs, furious runs from them.”

Senior guard Lamar Patterson

On getting another conference win:

“It does not really matter who it is. We just want to go out there and get a win, whether it is a conference game or not.”

On ACC Player of the Year talk:

“I do not think about it at all. I truthfully do not care. I’d rather be an ACC champion with the rest of the 14 guys. That is all that matters, and that is what we are pushing for.”

Junior guard Cameron Wright

On if the crowd was a reason for late foul shot misses:

“I don’t know about that. We just have to step up to the free throw line and knock them down. “

On the second half:

“We just stuck to it. Lamar [Patterson] was scoring within the offense. It is not like he was trying to do too much. He is playing out of his mind right now. He was able to hold us together and get us back in the game. We came together and we won it.”

Sophomore guard James Robinson

On Lamar Patterson’s recent play:

“He is playing terrific for us. He is our go-to guy. When it gets tough, we look to him. He’s going to be unselfish.”