Maryland - Notre Dame Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“That’s a really good win for us. Obviously, we weren’t very good in the first half. We weren’t very good defensively. We let our offense affect our defense. [Pat] Connaughton got hot in the first half and they played well. We just weren’t ourselves. I know you’re going to ask, so I’ll tell you what I said at halftime. I didn’t really know what to say, but I walked in there and said, I don’t know what I’ve done to you guys, but we’re not playing the way we’re capable of playing, so we’re just going to have fun… If you do that and we have fun and we play the way we are capable, we can win this game. It was really that simple…With that said, the crowd in the second half was tremendous. My guys were tremendous and we really guarded. We really guarded them in the second half.”

On Charles Mitchell:

“He’s just playing hard. Charles is practicing hard. He’s got his weight down. He didn’t finish the way he’s capable of finishing, but he got rebounds. He defended well. The kid is a load. Charles played with energy and effort. He wanted to play more down the stretch.”

On Seth Allen:

“He’s definitely the x-factor. Seth was good tonight. His foot was better against Florida State. It didn’t hurt. He had his best practice of the year then tweaked it. It didn’t hurt today so we started him. He’s still not in great shape, but you know what, he was just better defensively. He guarded (Eric) Atkins, who is really good, and did a great job on him for most of the night. That was big.”

On whether his staff has changed their approach:

“I think it happens every season and it happened again this season. There’s always a turning point, and you hope Florida State was our low point. We don’t know yet. There’s a lot of basketball left to be played, but our guys were pretty happy in there.”

Sophomore Guard Seth Allen

On the game:

“We just went out and had fun and played our game. It was a relief. We came off of two big losses and we responded great on our home court. We have a game in five days at North Carolina State and we are going to try to capitalize then.”

On guarding Eric Atkins:

“When I switched on to him, I was just pressuring him hard on ball screens because he comes off a lot of them. He’s a great player and I was just trying my best to keep him out the paint.”

On the importance of this win and gaining momentum:

“It’s great. Coming off this home win we want to take this momentum to NC State and be pumped up, juiced, and ready to go.”

On the impact of the crowd

“It’s big. We have to take advantage of these home games because we don’t have many. I had to get the crowd into it. They help us tremendously and bring energy.”

Sophomore Center Shaquille Cleare

On what Coach Turgeon’s message at halftime:

“He came in and said you guys need to stop playing on eggshells. Basically the whole time he said to have fun and to play hard.”

On what was more fun, the three point play or the blocked shot:

“Both were fun. They were great plays. I made the shot and got the crowd and the bench pumped up, and then I came up with the big block and really got things going. Both possessions were fun for me.”

On playing more relaxed and having fun:

“If you take a big shot and it goes in, then you really feel loose. You just start playing team ball. We did great tonight, great win.”

Junior Forward Dez Wells

On attacking the rim a lot more and getting to the free throw line.

“I didn’t plan on going to the free throw line, I just planned on making layups but I’ll take it.”

On what they learned after struggling the first half:

“This is where you really find out what kind of team we have.  We didn’t give up, we fought through the end, and we competed. That’s all Coach Turgeon wants to see from us, just fight.  He knows it’s inside of us. I just had to look within myself and just look in the mirror and say ‘You’re not giving it everything you have’. Once I talked to my guys, they kept me up and they kept me motivated and I just fed off my teammate’s energy so they deserve all the credit for the performance tonight.”

Junior Guard Nick Faust

On the effect his defense had in the game:

“It’s a big factor, I take pride in that.  Coach really challenged me this year to try to defend the best player on the other team.  I started out on Eric Atkins but then Pat Connaughton heated up so I switched on him and I think I held him to four for the second half.  He was a good player but I definitely take pride in defense.”

On what he learned:

“It’s just team-building. In the first half we came in the locker room and guys were really down but we talked it out and came together and Coach just told us play loose and come together and have fun out there.  That’s what we did the second half, guys just loosened up and had fun and had a great turnout.”

Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey

Opening Statement:

“I love how we played in the first half. The second half flurry when they took control was because of their offensive boards and second shots; they really put it on us physically. You’re just not going to win a game giving up 20 offensive rebounds and turning the ball over 17 times. Disappointing for us; we’re struggling a little bit right now. We need to get back into a practice rhythm and see if we can win a league game Sunday night.”

On start of the second half:

“We really wanted to have control of the tempo, and I love the tempo we had in the first half. We were running some sets and I wanted them to play a little slower. But then when you’re behind you have to start playing faster and start forcing a few things. We definitely wanted to be more patient.”

On playing behind in second half:

“It’s a hard thing to get over psychologically. The tip-ins during that flurry break your back, and then you’re digging out of a hole. We were hoping to keep control of the tempo. We came out shooting and got it to seven, and then we lost the handle on it, then we were digging and scratching and we had one little push in us; then Faust hit a big shot in the corner.”

On Eric Atkin’s thumb injury:

“I think he’s struggling; it didn’t help. We needed him to be aggressive, and I don’t think he felt he could be. We just need to get him some rest.”

On Pat Connaughton sitting out in the second half:

“I think they did a good job with him. He got a lot of stuff in transition, they had Dez Wells on him. Wells was an attentive defender and we could not get him as open as we did in the first half. I give credit to Dez Wells and Maryland’s defense.”

Senior Center Garrick Sherman

On the rebounding problems:

“It is hard to rebound out of a zone because you don’t have a specific guy to box out. We just didn’t do a good job.”

On what happened in the second half:

“They started to hit shots. They shot us out of the zone. We had to go back to man. That changed the game a little bit.”

On how they bounce back from this loss:

“It is one game at a time. We have to focus on Sunday and get a win against Virginia Tech. That is all you can do. We have to try and get better until then.”

Senior Guard Eric Atkins

On trouble handling the ball:

“It is tough. We are usually way better with the ball than that. When you turn the ball over so many times, it hurts. They capitalized, especially in the paint. They really got the momentum with us turning the ball over.”

On if the slow tempo of the second half hurt them:

“Maybe, it did. I think the biggest thing was turning the ball over.  That is a huge part of it. Even when we slow it down, we usually do not turn the ball over like that.”