Post Game Quotes - Catholic 11.3.13

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland 84, Catholic 39


Opening Statement:

“I thought we played well, defensively, pretty much the whole game. Obviously we were bigger, stronger, faster at every position and it showed and when we were good defensively our athleticism took over. But we guarded and kept guarding. Our guys played for 40 minutes on the defensive end. Offensively we weren’t very good early. I thought towards the end of the first half and the first ten minutes of the second half we were really much better, and executed much better offensively. We had a lot of players play well. Charles Mitchell rebounding, Jake [Layman] shooting the ball and Nick Faust defensively was tremendous tonight. He took on a challenge with #23 [on Catholic], Steve [Limberiou], he was 3-for-12 shooting tonight and the kid can really shoot the ball. We did a lot of things well and I was really proud of the group and it should help us moving forward.

On point guard play:

I thought Roddy [Peters] was pretty good. He really was. Where I was really proud of Roddy was on the defensive end because that’s where he doesn’t really like to play a lot and he really concentrated and took on a challenge. So that was better. He had a phenomenal week of practice and it showed. I think in a normal game situation he’d be in there at the two, and Dez [Wells] would handle it. I thought Dez did well. He got in foul trouble. I’ll play Dez with two as the season goes on. In the first half I didn’t do it today.

On Dez Wells and Nick Faust’s transition to new role.:

Dez Wells is trying to run the team. He’s been and unbelievable leader and communicator for us. The thing I liked about today was our guys really cheered for each other. Guys were accepting roles. Nick [Faust] was a whole different kid when he shot open shots, he passed the ball to open guys and he just guarded his tail off. That’s a sign of maturity with our team. There was a lot of really good things that happened, but Dez will get there. He’ll just keep getting better and better and we will figure out how to make it easier for him.

On Jake Layman’s shooting abilities:

He’s a good player. Jake can shoot it. The thing about Jake is he can also drive it, so if they get up on him, he can drive the basketball all the way to the rim or he can pull up. He’s got the whole game and he’s really worked on it, right and left. He’s really improved, so it’s nice.

On player improvements:

They are good players, smart players. I’m just really pleased with the improvement across the board with our players from last year. We are just so much more mature. We are still just so much more of a mature team than last year.


Junior guard Dez Wells

Feeling on bringing the ball up:

“It felt pretty good. I was a little tired at first, but once I got my second wind I was fine. I think we executed well. We didn’t do too much offensively, but defensively we executed where we were supposed to. We talked a lot and guarded the ball well. From seeing how the refs called things on scrimmages, we ran the ball a lot better. We made plays and got through screens. I think overall I would give us a C+.”

Feelings on playing point guard:

“I just like doing well. It’s fun getting up and down the floor. The tough thing that I am learning is when to pull the ball out. I am learning how to know when to push the ball back or go. I am learning how to know when to make a play.”

Feeling on turnovers this year compared to last year:

“I think I ran a lot better. We have to wait until we see when we have more of a challenging game. Catholic is a tough team, but the test on Friday will show me how far I have come from last year.”

Junior guard Nick Faust

On guarding Steve Limberiou and how the defense looked in general:

“I think it was solid. Everyone picked up Seth [Allen]’s slack, and without him it was tough, but I feel like we did a great job defensively.”

On how Maryland will fair against Connecticut after their play against Catholic:

“They have really good, quick, fast guards. We are definitely looking forward to it and it is going to be a challenge. It was a good test to come out and defend [Catholic] so well.”

Sophomore forward Jake Layman

On having both him and Evan on the court at the same time:

“Having both of us on the floor and having shooters in the corners creates opportunities for us and creates nightmares for other teams.” 

On being in rhythm this year compared to last year:

“I’m definitely more comfortable and my confidence is high.  Things are just going smoother on the court.”


On the game:

“I am incredibly appreciative to coach Turgeon for giving us this opportunity as a local school. It means a lot to our alumni and fans. I thought we came out hard. We had a really good first 12 minutes. I was really proud of our effort and our execution. Obviously, we were giving away a lot of athleticism and size. I am disappointed in how we competed in the second half. We learned a lot about our guys today.  There were a lot of positives. Guys went to battle.”

On how playing Maryland helps them going forward:

“The things we did well today are things we will do well all season. I remember we played Florida and we rebounded well and ended up being a great rebounding team that year. We played George Washington last year and played great team defense, which ended up being true for the year. I wish we would have made it more competitive.  I learned we got some guys that will really go out and compete hard. I am very happy with what I saw out of a lot of our young men.”

On their good start:

“We shared the ball. We competed defensively.  I think fatigue set in a little bit.  We were giving away a lot inside. We were very confident offensively. I think a couple of the blocks here and there shook our confidence a little bit.  They are big.  That is as big a Maryland team I have seen in a long while and that really hurt.”