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March 6, 2013

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Head Coach Mark Turgeon 

Opening Statement:

“I am disappointed. I didn’t like the energy we started the game with. With that said, we couldn’t make a shot. We had some really good looks especially early. We lost the game from 3:23 which was the media timeout until when I had to call a timeout. We went from up one to down 13. We just didn’t play very smart during that stretch. North Carolina is really good. They were making shots, [Reggie] Bullock, and [P.J.] Hairston are tough matchups. We got down, cut it to six and then had two bad defensive possessions in a row and they went back up 11. It’s disappointing; I am disappointed. I wanted to be better tonight and we weren’t. I thought the crowd was great. They are good, Carolina played well.”

On the offensive game plan:

“We really didn’t have a low-post game. They doubled the post. We got good looks; we have to knock them down. The first play of the game we made a bad decision. We had Logan [Aronhalt] open for three and Dez [Wells] turned the ball over trying to do something. Probably a few too many threes. We were right on the break, and Nick [Faust] instead of going in for a layup pulled up for three, which makes no sense to me. I have to keep coaching them the best I can. Carolina had to be good and they were really good, especially Bullock.”

On cutting into the North Carolina lead:

“We got up 25-24 and I felt really good. I thought, we haven’t made a shot, our defense is getting better - we have a shot. I had to sub a lot of guys because we were tired. That lineup didn’t do very well, I had them in for a minute. They [UNC] miss a free throw, we don’t box out, tip it out and [P.J.] Hairston makes a layup. Then Nick [Faust] goes one on four when we are supposed to go last shot and they hit a three to go up by seven. It could have been tied or down two at half, that’s big against a good team. It is part of the process I guess.”

On the press:

“It is easy to come back. When you are down 16 you are playing loose. To come back and win is different. Did the press help us? Yes it gave us a chance. I just don’t think that’s the answer. We pressed Georgia Tech and it killed us. We pressed against Boston College and it killed us. I don’t think it’s the answer. What we did tonight was let our offense affect our defense. We didn’t guard well enough. We have to guard better than that.”

Sophomore Dez Wells

On the team’s energy entering the game:

“We didn’t come out in our best way tonight. North Carolina is a very good team, and they came out fast tonight. We picked it up in the second half, but we didn’t get the key stops we needed.”

On the first-half play:

“We had chances to get good possessions defensively, but we couldn’t get the stops we needed. That really hurt us a lot. With that being said, we gave great effort and I am proud of my guys because we left it all on the court.”

On guarding North Carolina:

“They don’t run many sets, they run a freelance kind of offense and that is much harder to guard. You can count sets and know where people are supposed to be, but with a freelance motion offense it is really hard to guard. They set a lot of screens, and that was tough for us.”

Sophomore Nick Faust: 

On losing momentum:

“It is frustrating because North Carolina played a really good game tonight on both ends of the floor.”

On postseason hopes:

“Hopefully we can still make it postseason play. We are trying to get better every week, and we are doing whatever we can to win every game.”

On the offense affecting the defensive effort:

“We got down on ourselves tonight, and guys who usually make shots were missing ones that they usually don’t miss. Missing shots really affected us on the defensive end. We have to push through and learn how to play defense even when our offense isn’t at its best.”

Sophomore Center Alex Len 

On North Carolina’s defense:

“They were really, I don’t know, tough matchups for us because of their small lineups. They were making shots and guarding; it was changing the game.”

On the mood in the locker room:

“We just have to learn from this game and we have to go win at Virginia.”

On when Maryland cut it to six points:

“ [Marcus Paige], he made a really tough shot and there was like two seconds left [on the shot clock]. I mean, it was a great shot for them. I think that changed the game.”

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams   

Opening Statement:

“I’m really happy for our guys, really proud of them. Maryland, I thought, would make a run, but I was hoping our play would not allow them to make a run. We turned it over two or three times in the backcourt, and they made a couple of 3s, and all of a sudden it was a six-point game. The best thing I liked was Marcus Paige—who turned it over at least two of those times—stepped up to make the big 3 to take it back to nine. Then we came down and we got James Michael [McAdoo], going to the basket on a set play, he makes the layup and got fouled, so we have a three-point play. Basically we made free throws and did some good things at that point, but we also know we got Maryland on a night when they didn’t make some shots they normally make.”

On neutralizing Maryland:

“P.J. [Hairston] stretches the defense so much that sometimes other teams make substitutions. They went small a lot tonight, too. For us, we can’t guard the guy on the post. Early on I thought they were hurting us inside, and they had 14 points from offensive rebounds in the first half, and they only had six in the second half. We talked about the biggest thing at halftime was trying to do a better job rebounding the ball... You look at Reggie [Bullock], he has 12 rebounds, and P.J. has eight. That’s pretty impressive from your wing players.”

On his team:

“They really have come a long way. They’ve bought in to the sense of urgency idea; they’ve bought into the unselfishness, trying to do what we ask them to do. They compete; that was something I’m really proud of. I’ve brought some really good teams in here. We won a National Championship in ’09, but we didn’t win here. I really liked the way our kids did. Even Marcus [Paige], and I’m serious, he made some bad plays and if I’m not mistaken, that big 3 was the first big play. After that one run there, he didn’t do anything else except move the ball, and get the ball to the right people. We ran three set plays, and something good happened out of all three set plays.”

On the team’s sixth straight win:

“I always have this funny thing to me: I don’t know how to make my team peak, and neither does anybody else. There’s not one of us who’s that much smarter than the other guy. If I knew how to make my team peak, so would they. Everyone would be peaking, and how the crap would you know who’s peaking? We work as hard as we can every single day, and I tell my team all the time, if you bust your tail every day, you’re going to get better as we go along. That’s what we’ve talked about with this group, and at the beginning of the season I said I thought my team would get better and better as the season went along, and I really think they have.”

North Carolina Junior Guard Reggie Bullock:

On Maryland’s second-half run:

“They were trying to make a run and had a good stretch to cut it to six points. We had to be mentally tough. Out of the timeout we made some plays. Marcus [Paige] started us off with a three pointer. He made a great shot, and we just turned it up.”

On North Carolina’s play:

“We’re getting better every game. Everybody is sharing the ball up front, and we’re talking on defense. We just have to keep doing that.”

On the rebounding battle:

“We tried to be big on the boards. We had a small lineup in there so we had to make plays. Maryland is one of the best rebounding teams in the league.”

North Carolina Senior Guard Dexter Strickland

On playing with a small lineup:

“I don’t think it has anything to do with the lineup. I think it’s because our guys have more experience on the floor. We know what we have to do to get a win. Everyone is playing as a team. The team chemistry is there and everyone is playing hard.”

On the play of Marcus Paige:

“He bounced back quickly. We need him to do that. If he turns the ball over, he can’t dwell on that turnover and let it affect his game. He hit a big three for us. You can see his confidence growing with each game.”

 North Carolina Sophomore Guard P.J. Hairston

On his rebounding effort tonight:

“That’s been the key the last couple of games. I would finish with three or four rebounds. This game I knew that Maryland was leading the conference in rebounding, so my goal was just to crash the boards.”

On stopping Maryland’s second-half run:

“We played with poise; we didn’t let their run affect us. We had a couple of turnovers which led to a layup and a three-point basket. After that we played with poise and hit some shots.”

On playing better on the road of late:

“We all bought in. We realized that even though we’re on the road, that we are the same team. We can play like this anytime regardless of if we are at home or on the road. We just have to play with heart.”