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Dec. 12, 2012

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 71-38 win over Monmouth Wednesday night at Comcast Center.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:
"We defended well; we held them to 20% shooting. We got outplayed in the first half. They out hustled us, and they played harder than we did. It was probably one of the worst halves one of my teams has played. I was really disappointed in our team. We have worked really hard on turnovers, but I was really disappointed in it today. It was more mental than anything. They just weren't mentally into the game. The guys played better in the second half."

On the team's mentality:
"We were really good in practice on Monday. We worked on toughness drills and we were really good. Seth Allen had two of his best practices of the year this week. Then tonight he didn't take care of the ball and had his worst game of the year. I'm not worried about Seth or our turnovers. But I am worried about our ability to get into our offense, and that's what we have to work on."

On the first half:
"To start, it was easy. It was 15-5, and I went half-court into a zone defense. Then they started making threes and getting some confidence. It took us all of halftime to get our momentum back. We just weren't ready. But now we get a lot of time to practice, and I'm really looking forward to it."

On the team's passing:
"I like all of the lob passes and difficult passes. We do make some spectacular plays out there. We're averaging 19 assists a game. That's pretty good, so we're obviously passing the ball well. With that said, I think we are eighth in the country in assists but about 270th in turnovers. There is a disconnect there that I have to figure out before January 5th."

On the young players:
"I'm letting a lot of these young guys play through lots of mistakes. But I threw them in the fire for a reason. We're playing Monmouth. Our guys should play better against Monmouth than they played. I'm disappointed, and they have to give me more. The problem is everybody is telling them how good they are because of our record. They are listening to everybody else except for me. But we have a lot of time. We're going to be fine. The guys are going to be fine. I told them after the game tonight that I expect a lot out of them. I know how talented they are, and what they are going to do here. As a coach, I judge myself every day on what I am` getting out of my team. Right now I told them I'm not getting a lot out of them and I am frustrated. I have to figure it out; but hopefully soon I'll see what I want to."

Sophomore Forward Dez Wells
On the team's weak start:
"It was a learning experience for us as a young team. We have to learn from this; it can't happen again."

On Monmouth:
"We have to give credit to Monmouth. They're a good team, they played hard and they didn't give up. Teams like that can beat teams like us if we don't play as hard as we have to."

On Maryland's freshmen:
"We're getting into the second half of the season; freshmen aren't considered freshmen anymore. They're going to have to grow up. They're considered sophomores, they're considered almost upperclassmen. They have to take this a lot more seriously than I guess they do. But that's on the veterans. We have to demand more from them and we have to stay on them. We just have to guide them."

Sophomore Guard Nick Faust
On turnovers:
"Coach [Turgeon] knows that we can play a lot better, and that he can get more out of us. He really was upset with us tonight, but we all took it and tried to come out in the second half and improve our play. It was a lot of lack of concentration."

On the disappointment of tonight's play:
"It was on us tonight. We knew we could have played a lot better. We are now looking to move forward. We are going to learn from our mistakes and get better for next game."

On the upcoming schedule:
"Games like tonight make us better as a team, but we are definitely looking forward to starting our ACC play. We are looking forward to playing bigger name schools to really test our strengths as a team."

On the team's mindset after halftime:
"Our mindset was to come out and do what coach told us. Coach was really upset with us at halftime. We just wanted to come out and execute. We, as players, were also upset because we knew we weren't playing to our standards."

Sophomore Center Alex Len
On slow play in the first half:
"We had a lot of turnovers in the first half. This was a big problem. After halftime we really focused on bringing down our number of turnovers."

On turnovers:
"We weren't strong enough with the ball. After Coach [Turgeon] talked to us at halftime, we took his advice and tried to make changes to our play. I feel like we were much stronger with the ball in the second half."

On playing with Pe'Shon Howard:
"Me and Pe'Shon do a really good job of feeling each other out on the court. Most of the times I know what he is going to do, especially during the fast breaks."

Monmouth Coach King Rice

Opening statement:
"First off I just want to thank Coach Turgeon, his staff, and the University of Maryland for playing us. Turgeon has been a big brother to me for a long time. He always looks out for me, and I'm thankful he would give us the opportunity to come into a big time arena like this and play. Maryland is a big, strong team; they're a lot stronger inside. We need some bigger guys inside, so knowing Turgeon like I do, I told our guys, `He's going to go inside to start the game,' and that's what he did. Their kids got comfortable. They have a very talented team. I'm hopeful that they really listen to the staff that Turgeon has, because Mark Turgeon is one of the best coaches in the country and he has a great staff. I hope those young men realize what they have and they listen to him. Special things could happen for this team."

On who stood out on Maryland's team:
"I'll tell you what: Pe'Shon Howard. In today's game kids want to score the ball; every kid wants to shoot. I have all kinds of guys telling me they need more shots. This young man understands what a team is about, he can score if he needs to score, you can just tell that. The way he runs their team he makes everybody a better player; and then the big fella [Alex] Len. It's harder for big guys to play against 6'4 or 6'5 guys because they feel like if they bump them then it's going to be a foul. I thought that young man played extremely well tonight. He's a good one. I like a lot of pieces on their team."

On what he'll take away from tonight's game:
"This is an opportunity for our kids to do something that a lot of college basketball players will never get to do, play the University of Maryland on their campus. My guys will remember this for a long time. I'm sure the score will get a lot closer over the next 20 years. It's good for our guys to go in and battle. If we make the NCAA Tournament--and the only way we can make it is winning our tournament--we're going to play a team like Maryland in the first round. So we just have to relax. We're going to be ok our kids are getting better. We played a better team tonight, and they just showed us they were better."