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Dec. 5, 2012

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 100-68 victory over Maryland Eastern Shore Wednesday evening.

Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening statement:
"I was pleased with the way that we shared the ball. I thought that we were unselfish. Obviously we didn't guard or rebound well. I will give these guys a bye because we have been guarding our tails off in practice and games. To answer your question about the starting lineup, no one was in trouble. I did it because I want everyone to know what it feels like to start in a game. I have never done that before, but I have never had a team like this--that likes each other as much as they do and are as deep as this team is. There are no bruised egos because of who we started. We will have a different lineup on Saturday as well."

On the play of freshmen Jake Layman and Shaquille Cleare:
"You guys aren't in practice every day, but we have really been drilling these guys in practice. They do extra work. I thought our ball screen defense was horrendous. It was good when we started switching but then they started hitting some shots. They are getting a lot more comfortable."

On sophomore guard Nick Faust:
"Nick is trying so hard to do what I am asking, that's what I appreciate about Nick. Nick isn't caught up in winning just doing what I am telling him to. He dribbles too much at times, but tonight he was able to finish the play. He had seven assists and only one turnover, which is tremendous. He hit four shots and ten points. He is really starting to get comfortable."

On the team's support of each other at the end of the game:
"That was great. In the huddle before they came in I could hardly get a word in they were telling them so much. We put a lot into our scouts. We didn't put anything into these scouts and it probably shows. Those guys, along with Evan Smotrycz and Varun [Ram] who can't suit up, they have a lot on their plates. They have to learn all of our plays and the opponent's plays, and I am on them if they mess something up. If you have ever watched us prepare for a game I think you would appreciate those guys a lot more. Our guys appreciate them because we respect each other. That is why they got so excited."

Freshman Forward Charles Mitchell

On what they can learn from this game:

"We just want to make ourselves better. We look at these games as ones to make Maryland basketball better, so when we go to ACC play, our overall game will have changed. Turning the ball over was a big thing again tonight; that's one thing we have to work on. We just have to make our team better all around."

On the team's depth:
"I feel like it's going to be a big asset, especially in ACC play. There's a lot of talent in the ACC so our depth will help a lot. We'll be able to run the floor, play defense and wear teams down on the defensive end. Our depth is great."

On Logan Aronhalt:
"I think Logan's probably the best shooter in the country if you leave him open. When a team plays zone on us, we know he's going to shoot him out of the zone. We are always excited to see him shoot the ball."

On the lineup change:
"It doesn't matter because our team is all there for each other. We all love each other. We're all one family. It doesn't matter who starts, we always give maximum effort when we're on the floor. It's great to see those guys out there, but at the same time we all know what we need to do when we're out there on the floor."

Freshman Guard Seth Allen

On starting:

"It felt good to come out, you can really set the tone. I felt like we played well to start it. Overall, it was just a good experience."

On the lineup change:
"Our team is really close, so nobody really got mad or had a problem with it. Everybody was pushing the starting five that was new tonight to be great."

On his mentality:
"My mentality is to run the team, and just execute and find open guys."

On Logan Aronhalt
"Logan can really shoot. When he gets going, it's a spark. When he hits a three, it goes to the defensive side and everybody starts locking up. When he gets a good look, we know it's going in."

Maryland Eastern Shore Coach Frankie Allen

Opening statement:
"Well, I think Maryland's transition game really did us in. With their size they were obviously able to have their way with us down inside. At one time we were playing with five guards; but Maryland's overall strength, talent, and their ability to score in transition and our inability to score in transition kind of sealed our fate early."

On the play of sophomore guard Kyree Jones:
"We kind of put the ball in his hands--we knew we were going to be overmatched overall by their team. So, we kind of spread the floor a little bit and let him make plays. He was able to get some open looks to really score for us. I think he's a good player, and the kind of point guard that can create his own shot. He can also create shots for other people, and when he did create them we just didn't make shots. When you fall behind to a team like Maryland, with their size, strength, depth, and when their transition game got going off our missed shots, it's tough for us to overcome."

On who stood out for Maryland:
"I just think it was all those guys. They had nine or 10 guys place close to 20 minutes. When I thought we had a little bit of a run going, they had [Logan Aronhalt] come in and make shots. I know [Alex] Len was just awesome. We were hoping [Len] wouldn't be making those outside shots, we knew we had a disadvantage inside. Overall, I think all the kids played well. I thought defensively they got out and did some things from the outside when they had to. Their offensive game and their transition game were great, and then they started making shots. If Maryland is making shots they're not going to win just against UMES, they're going to win a lot of games. We were trying to take away some of their size and their play inside. We tried to pack it in, we tried to play the zone, and guys just knocked down shots."