Post Series Quotes: Massachusetts

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach John Szefc

On Mike Rescigno:

“He’s just tough. He’s just going to get better and better. He’s a solid defender, has as much raw power as anybody we have. He’s a work in progress as far as him as a hitter. His strike zone discipline is getting better. He’s getting to a point where you can trust him against good arms. He’s not afraid to go up there. He thinks he’s good and he is pretty good. Give him about two months and you’ll see he’ll end up being a prototype guy at third base.”

On Jared Price and his work in the fourth inning:

“It was a good start. Two runs in six innings, but that was probably the biggest point in the game where he was able to minimize that inning. Normally when you don’t get an out on a bunt you give up three. He gave up one. In theory, that was a minor win in that inning just only giving up one run and then he really settled back into being Jared Price after that.”

On the win:

“It wasn’t a real pretty win, but you’re going to have some ugly wins and you’d much rather win ugly than lose, certainly at home. It’s good to see guys hang in there. The fact that Charlie [White] was able to have a really quality at-bat against a left-handed arm when we needed him to and then LaMonte [Wade] did the same thing. Once you get guys in scoring position in the bottom of the ninth or the 10th, it puts a lot of pressure on that pitcher to make perfect pitches. It wasn’t like we won the game pretty, but bottom line is we put the pressure on them and they couldn’t make a play.”

On getting contributions with new players in the lineup:

“It’s always good if you’ve got contributions from a lot of different guys as opposed to the same guys. It keeps guys on the bench feeling like they’re making contributions, which they are. If you’re going be special at the end, you need contributions from a lot of different guys. You’re not going to win a conference championship with 10 guys playing. It’s going to take a lot.”

On opening up conference play at Florida State next weekend:

“It’s an important series regardless of [who we play], because at the end of the season when they count up wins and losses in conference play it’s all the same. Playing against those guys there, you know you’re going to have your hands full. We have a lot of good players and they have a lot of good players. We beat them here last year and played some close games with them.”

On what he told Mike Rescigno as he went to the plate in the 10th inning:

“I was telling him to make sure he was really aggressive on a really elevated strike because that guy, he’s got to get ahead of you. He really can’t fall behind you, so on pitch one or two you’re probably going to get something to hit. You’ve got the infield in, don’t sit there and wait. Be ready to hit on strike one.”