Quotes From Tuesday's Press Conference

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening Statement:


“Homecoming this week against the No. 9 team in the country in Clemson, who’s a very good football team, has outstanding players in all three phases. It’s going to be nice to have some of our all-time greats come back and celebrate the weekend with us so I think that’s neat and good to get them back on campus and be a part of what they did when they were here and we’re looking forward to getting better this week, going out today, working on the things that we need to do to improve ourselves as a team and looking forward to it.”

On the status of the starting quarterback position:


“What I have to do as a head coach, our doctors and trainers will clear guys to be able to play in the games, but then I think it’s my duty and it’s my obligation to watch all of our players perform in practice, perform in games, using my eyesight to see how they’re performing and if they’re not performing up to the standards due to health-related issues, I think I owe to those young men to say that I’m not sure you can end up doing the things you’re capable of doing on the field. Then what I have to do is put somebody else in there so I don’t further risk a young man to injury even though that he’s cleared, but even knowing what that young man can do and then what I see him doing on the field. I think that’s part of my responsibility as a head coach. So, as you see the or situation [on the depth chart] that is because of health related issues and what we will do is both guys are cleared and I’ll take a look this week as we practice and to see where we’re at and then at the end of the week, as we go into the game, we’ll make a decision to who will be the guy that will go. But it’s not performance related, it was health related and I just feel as though the doctors and the trainers do a great job and they’ll never clear somebody to go out and perform and play if they’re not capable of playing, but I think there’s another part of that which is the coach. Like I said, I think it’s my responsibility to watch guys, see how they move, see how they’re doing things during the week or in the game based on if something happens and I feel like if they could put themselves in jeopardy, then I think I owe it to those young men and I owe it to our program to have somebody else go in and play.”

On studying Clemson based off of the Florida State game:


“No, we watch all the films and we break them all down, we take a look at what they do. We have every game of them from this year, and we break them all down and take a look at them and see if there are things that we can find that we can take advantage of, so we just don’t really concentrate on one game.”

On dealing with numerous injuries at the same position:

“All I can say is that it’s football. This sport is pretty much 100 percent guaranteed that you’re going to get hurt playing this game. I don’t think there’s anyone that has gone through his career without getting hurt. It’s unfortunate that we’ve had the injuries that we have, but there’s nothing that we can do about it. I think that our guys will step up and do a good job. I think Amba [Etta-Tawo] will get an opportunity now. And I know that he’s excited about that. He’s disappointed that it happened the way it happened. But he’s excited about his opportunity. I think Levern Jacobs will now get more reps. I think he’s really done some good things already this year. So now he’s got a chance to get on the field a lot more. [DeAndre] Lane, Malcolm [Culmer], Nigel [King], [Abner] Logan and some other guys will get a chance to play. The one thing that we won’t do is burning a redshirt that hasn’t played. That wouldn’t be fair to the young man. Everybody has got to step their game up. We’ve got to deal with it.”

On Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd:

“They are a very dynamic offense. When you take a look at Tajh Boyd, his numbers speak for himself. He has [close to] 2,000 yards throwing, 16 touchdowns, and a 63 percent completion rate. He’s got an outstanding running back, Roderick McDowell. He’s has a bunch of really good receivers like, Sammy Watkins, Martavis Bryant and Adam Humphries. They are three really good receivers that they spread the ball to. They really try to up-tempo you and play fast. They do a lot of different things where you have to be very sharp, alert and cognizant with where they move people around. They don’t put all of the receivers in the same place and try to create mismatches. So what you’ve got to do is be very sound and solid. We can’t let them see the same things happen in a row. This is an offense that is very dynamic at 487 yards a game. This is why you come out and play here; to go out and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

On honoring the consensus Al- Americans on Saturday:

“I think the big thing is when you take a look up there and you see those guys as consensus All-Americans, you see guys coming back; Dale Castro, who is a place kicker, and Gary Collins. I remember watching him on T.V. when we played with the Browns and he’s living up in Hershey, Pa., right now. It will be good to get him back up on campus, since I don’t think he’s been down for a while. E.J. Henderson is coming, who is one of the great all-time linebackers here and in college football. Also, he had a great pro career. J.D. Maarleveld came here from Norte Dame and did a great job. It’s always great to have Jack [Scarbath] around. He is local and is around here quite a bit. Of course to get Randy White to come back here on campus is special. When you take a look at what he has not only accomplished here, but also in the NFL,  I remember watching him when I was growing up and in high school and there wasn’t really anybody better than him at the position that he played.

“I wish we could have gotten them all back here, but due to some different situations and everything else, we couldn’t. But to get this number back here is really neat. This shows the history and the heritage of what we have here. Bringing those guys back and having the fans recognize them will mean a lot to them. It means a lot to me to be the head football coach because I think the history and tradition is something that is paramount when you talk about college football. One of the problems is that with this day and age, I am not sure how many of our current players might remember these guys playing or anything along those lines, but they don’t even know who Al Davis was when I said something the other day. It’s just neat. Anything that we can do to bring out former letterman and all-time greats back, we want to be able to do that. We want them to feel a part of what we’re doing and be connected to the hips at all times, because I think that’s the unique and special thing about college athletics.

Quarterback C.J. Brown

On his health:

“Going into the game I felt really good, obviously, I took some hits in the game early and coach made his decision.  We’ll go out this week like any other week.  I’m still getting treatment on a lot of things; just trying to take care of my body is the biggest thing. We’re more than halfway through the season, we’ve got a lot of games left and right now I feel comfortable with my body, I feel good.  We’ll go out this week and practice hard.”

On his status going into the game Saturday:

“Yes, at the beginning of the game I felt 100 percent, I felt really good.  I passed all my tests; I wouldn’t put the team in jeopardy if I wasn’t capable of going out there and helping the team.”

On dealing with the emotional side of injuries:

“It’s definitely tough. I feel for all those guys, not just [Stefon Diggs] and [Deon Long] but all the other guys who have gone down before them. Even more so now, so many guys on the defensive side of the ball have gotten nicked up, I just feel for them. It is just more adversity that this team has to face. We went through it last year, but we’re still 5-2, we can still write our own story. We have a big game ahead of us.”

Offensive lineman Sal Conaboy

On the injuries to wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Deon Long:

“I actually didn’t see the injuries so I didn’t know what was going on until they were being taken off the field. It’s a bummer to see two teammates go down.”

On the number of injuries over the past two seasons:

“I try not to think about it, it definitely is something I try not to do. We can’t get wrapped up, we have a big test this weekend and that’s what we have to focus on.”

On Clemson:

“Clemson is a great team; they have a great defense holding teams to 21 points. We just have to up our intensity and be physical and just really get after it.”

Wide Receiver Levern Jacobs

On preparing for Clemson’s defense:

“We’re ready for Clemson right now, they’re a great team.  I recognize it will be a great test for us to get us going again. It’ll be a great game and we should be ready. We started preparing on Sunday, so we should be ready. We’ve got a long week ahead of us and we should be good.”

On assuming a bigger role on offense:

“I’m ready, I’ve been waiting for my chance to step in and do what I have to do to contribute for this team and do my part for this team to win games and accomplish our goals for the season.”

On the injuries to wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Deon Long:

“It was tough seeing those guys go down, especially because I know they wanted to help us, help our team throughout the season and help us complete our goals. I know it’s tough for those guys and how they feel right now.  They’ll be back soon, but right now we’re focusing on Clemson and our goal is ahead of us.”