Terps Fall to #5 Tar Heels

April 14, 2012


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - The doubles tandem of 26th-ranked Ana Belzunce and Welma Luus knocked off second-ranked Shinann Featherston and Lauren McHale at the No. 1 spot to help the Maryland women's tennis team win the doubles point, but No. 5 North Carolina won 5 of 6 singles matches to defeat the Terps, 5-2, Saturday at the Cone-Kenfield Tennis Center.

Belzunce and Luus picked up the first win of the match for the Terps with an 8-6 defeat of Featherston and McHale. For the pair, it is their eighth win of the year over a nationally ranked opponent and its 10th victory overall this spring.

After the Tar Heels earned a win on the No. 2 court, senior Jordan Hansbrough and freshman Mikele Irazusta dispatched of Laura Slater and Jennifer Stone on the No. 3 court to secure the team point for the Terps.

Sophomore Cristina Stancu earned her 22nd win this year and ninth over a ranked opponent. Stancu bested No. 37 Zoe De Bruycker in straight sets on the No. 2 court in the final match of day.

Maryland concludes its regular season Sunday at noon at No. 3 Duke.

#5 North Carolina 5, Maryland 2

Singles competition
1. #28 Cristina Stancu (MD) def. #37 Zoe De Bruycker (UNC) 7-6 (7-1), 6-2
2. #89 Shinann Featherston (UNC) def. Ana Belzunce (MD) 7-6 (7-2), 6-3
3. Caroline Price (UNC) def. Vroni Van Berlo (MD) 6-2, 6-2
4. Gina Suarez-Malaguti (UNC) def. Welma Luus (MD) 7-6 (7-2), 6-3
5. Tessa Lyons (UNC) def. Mikele Irazusta (MD) 6-4, 6-2
6. Haley Hemm (UNC) def. Jordan Hansbrough (MD) 6-1, 6-1

Doubles competition
1. #26 Ana Belzunce/Welma Luus (MD) def. #2 Shinann Featherston/Lauren McHale (UNC) 8-6
2. #47 Haley Hemm/Tessa Lyons (UNC) def. Cristina Stancu/Vroni Van Berlo (MD) 9-8 (7-3)
3. Jordan Hansbrough/Mikele Irazusta (MD) def. Laura Slater/Jennifer Stone (UNC) 9-7

Order of finish: Doubles (1,2,3); Singles (6,3,5,2,1)

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