Terps Down Retrievers

Jan. 25, 2013

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Freshman Olga Bredikhina won a tense super tiebreaker to win the last singles match of the day as the Maryland women's tennis team's defeated UMBC 7-0 at the Tennis Center at College Park Friday afternoon.

The Terrapins (2-0, 0-0 ACC) dominated the Retrievers (0-2, 0-0 America East) from start to finish, winning every contest. Most notably, Maryland's freshman showed great poise in the face of some early singles deficits.

"Our goal is to get better every single day, and I think we fought harder than we did last time," Coach Daria Panova said. "We are fighting the way we want to fight. I'm so proud of what they did when it was hard."

All three doubles teams from the Terrapins' last outing against Howard remained the same, and each pair showed signs of growth. Almost simultaneous wins from the teams of Nataliya and Olga Bredikhina and Sarah Gealer and Gabriela Srodowski gave the Terrapins the doubles decision.

The quick resolution allowed the pair of Vroni Van Berlo and Olga Gaistruk, locked in a tight match, to leave the court early and have more rest before their singles matches.

Once in singles, the Terrapins did not falter. After a tough start, in which multiple Maryland players fell behind in their matches, the team rebounded to sweep all six matches.

Srodowski set the pace for her teammates, climbing out of an early 2-0 hole to win 6-3, 6-0. Her teammates followed, with Van Berlo, Gaistruk, Nataliya Bredikhina and Gealer all picking up victories.

That set the stage for Bredikhina, who after winning the first set, lost a tough second set against Isabel Aldunate. The UMBC No. 2, who did not play in the doubles session, seemed fresher than her opponent early in the ensuing super tiebreak.

However, Bredikhina picked things up after the second changeover, and prevailed 11-9 in the breaker. For a young Maryland team, one that came together just before the start of the spring season, the match served as a unifier.

"We started the first practice and everyone was quiet," Panova said. "They didn't know they were supposed to support each other, but now they are learning. They all want to win everything they do. It just wasn't the person playing. They all wanted Olga to win that match."

Next up for the Terrapins is a trip to Boston for two dual matches. Maryland will open its ACC slate when it takes on Boston College next Friday at 5 p.m. The following day, the Terrapins will face Harvard, with play scheduled to begin at noon.

Maryland 7, UMBC 0

Singles Competition

1. Vroni Van Berlo (MD) def. Kim Berghaus (UMBC) 6-4, 6-2

2. Olga Bredikhina (MD) def. Isabel Aldunate (UMBC) 6-2, 4-6 (11-9)

3. Sarah Gealer (MD) def. Julia Sauer (UMBC) 6-3, 6-3

4. Olga Gaistruk (MD) def. Heidi Danielsson (UMBC) 7-5, 6-2

5. Gabriela Srodowski (MD) def. Shannon Cleary(UMBC) 6-3, 6-0

6. Nataliya Bredikhina (MD) def. Josefin Stange-Jonsson(UMBC)6-3, 6-4

Doubles Competition

1. Vroni Van Berlo/Olga Gaistruk (MD) vs. Kim Berghaus/Julia Sauer (UMBC) 6-6 DNF

2. Sarah Gealer/Gabriela Srodowski (MD) def. Josefin Stange-Jonsson/Madlena Kurasz (UMBC) 8-5

3. Olga Bredikhina/Nataliya Bredikhina (MD) def. Heidi Danielsson/Shannon Cleary (UMBC) 8-1

Order of Finish: Doubles (3,2,1); Singles (5,1,6,4,3,2)