The Changeover: Nataliya Bredikhina

Maryland Athletics
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The past week marked the beginning of a new semester in the life of the Terps. Obviously, few of us are extremely enthusiastic about coming back to the hard work of studying after the relaxation of winter break. However, it is always exciting to meet new people, begin new classes and just start another chapter in your life!

Anyway, with such thoughts I began this week and surely all of my teammates did. I hope that this semester will be very special for me in both tennis and studies. In particular, I will learn what it means to have almost the whole team going to the same class! Welma, we feel sorry for you have already taken this course, we will miss you there!

Another memorable event of the week was our team victory against Penn. Although in this match we had some ups and downs, I think that it was a good continuation of our season as we went to 3-0 so far and it was our first win on the road! In addition, it is always interesting to play a match against somebody you played last year. Personally, this time I enjoyed it much more. It was great that we all started the match right away by taking the doubles point and carried our energy on singles contests. Good job Terps, let's keep it up next weekend!  

All in all, as it usually happens in College Park, the week gave to me an opportunity to experience something new in my life. This time, it was my first interview ever. A little intimidating but overall great! I remember being very positive when answering the questions about the forthcoming dual match with Penn's team. Now, I feel happy that my expectations came true! Still, I believe that we can do even better.

Finally, something that I really enjoyed this past week (in spite of constant complains of everyone around me) was the true winter weather. Of course, there is nothing compared to summertime. Yet, these sunny snowy days, aren't they pretty? Well... On that note I am finishing my story about life of Terps tennis team during the week two of the spring season. I am looking forward for the upcoming matches and new stories, I know they will be great!

Go Terps!