The Changeover: Welma Luus

Maryland Athletics
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It was a strange feeling heading back to College Park for preseason. I’ve been excited for this moment all break, but for the first time it really hit me that this is my senior season. We kicked off preseason with what we do best, breakfast at Plato’s diner. Everyone was excited to see each other again and had lots of stories about what they did over break. Once we finished breakfast, we had our first practice of the season and this practice was all about getting back into things and working on our consistency. After a great first practice we headed to varsity team house for lifting. Once we were all ready to go we found out that we will be running instead of lifting. It was cold and windy making the 300-yard shuttles even more difficult than they usually are. But we got it done and went to lunch.

For the next five days we had two practices most of the days as well as lifting. As the week went on, you could tell that everyone got more and more tired and everyday after practice, more and more people went to take ice baths and get treatment. Once it was finally Friday, we had dinner while watching a movie in our team room (something we do the night before home matches). A little cockroach made an appearance and I’m pretty sure the entire building thought our lives were being threatened (according to some of my teammates and some of the staff it was an enormous cockroach), but rest assured, the building staff came to the rescue and saved us from the life size insect.

When Saturday finally came around it was time for our opening match against George Washington. Everyone was really excited and a little nervous, especially for those of us who haven’t played in a dual match before. Everyone did a great job and after a 6-1 victory we headed to noodles to celebrate and get some dinner. Having a match on Saturday and Sunday is often tough because there is little time to recover and rest before we play again. After dinner we all tried to get to bed early and get as much rest as possible for our match against Richmond on Sunday morning.

The Terps had another great day with a 5-0 victory. Unfortunately the match was stopped before Alex and Kristina could finish their matches. We ended off a tough week at Bobby’s Burger Palace. We had some tough practices, good laughs, and great moments together and it’s only week one. We are all excited for the rest of the season and ready to keep working hard to achieve our goals. Next weekend we travel to UPenn on Saturday and I’m sure there will be interesting stories to follow.

Go Terps!

Welma Luus