Maryland Athletics Welcomes Back Student-Athletes

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The University of Maryland student-athletes were welcomed back Tuesday evening at the XFINITY Center with a passionate message from campus leaders, including University President Dr. Wallace D. Loh and Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson.

Enjoying dinner while donning their Maryland/Big Ten red t-shirts, each student-athlete and coach from Maryland's 20 varsity sports enjoyed the opportunity to visit and hear words of encouragement from Dr. Loh, Anderson and SAAC President Dani Kram, a senior with the gymnastics team.

The distinguished speakers each shared a personal message on how they are extremely proud to be associated with Maryland Athletics.

“I truly believe this is the best institution in the country, academically and athletically,” Anderson said. “We play to win, we play to win fairly and we play to compete at the highest level. That’s the expectation.”

Kram preached the idea of togetherness to her fellow student-athletes.

“I hope everyone knows we’re on the same team here,” Kram said. “We are apart of a family that is going to make a name for itself. It’s our time to shine.”

Maryland Athletics is appreciative of the generous donation from ShopRite for the Welcome Back Student Event and at the conclusion of the event donated the food to a local area food bank.