Maryland Finishes Third at East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL) Championship

March 25, 2002

Towson, Md. - Sophomore Anna Wilson (Avery County H.S./Newland, N.C.) finished sixth in the all-around competition with a 39.20 score, leading the University of North Carolina to its first East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL) championship in the Towson Center on Saturday night.

The Tar Heels won their first EAGL title with a 196.425 score, setting a meet record as well as a school record. Defending champion West Virginia was runner-up (196.025) while Maryland took third place (194.825). North Carolina State (194.725) finished fourth (194.725) while New Hampshire (194.375) took fifth place. Pittsburgh placed sixth with a 194.275 score while Rutgers finished seventh (192.700). Host Towson finished eighth in the meet with a 192.350 score.

North Carolina came on strong to win the championship in the final two rotations. The Tar Heels had a 49.55 team score on floor and a 49.05 team score on vault to pull out the title for Coach Derek Galvin. Galvin was named as the EAGL Coach of the Year. In six previous EAGL Meets, the Tar Heels had never finished higher than fourth place.

Wilson led the Tar Heels' winning effort on the floor exercise. She won the meet with a 9.975 score. Sophomore Maddy Curley (Leon H.S./Tallahassee, Fla.) tied for second place with a 9.95 while freshman Olivia Trusty (Bryn Mawr H.S./Baltimore, Md.) tied for seventh place (9.925). Senior Monica Middleton (Immaculate H.S./Sandy Hook, Conn.) was part of a tie for ninth place with a 9.90 score.

Trusty led Carolina on vault as she tied for second place (9.875). Senior Lisa Companioni (Academy of Holy Names/Tampa, Fla.) and freshman Amy Williams (Henderson H.S./West Chester, Pa.) each had a 9.825 on vault to tie for seventh place.

In addition to winning the floor exercise, Wilson tied for 11th on vault (9.80) and had a 9.65 on bars. She also took 19th place on beam (9.775). Trusty also had a great meet. In addition to tying for seventh on floor and second on vault, she tied for second place on bars (9.90).

The Tar Heels' team effort enabled them to overcome several tremendous individual performances by West Virginia. Junior TeShawne Jackson (Summerville H.S./Summerville, S.C.), senior Kristen Macrie (Edgewood H.S./Hammonton, N.J.) and junior Amanda Halovanic (Grove City H.S./Grove City, Pa.) finished one-two-three in the all-around competition. Jackson won the EAGL all-around title for the second year in a row, setting a meet record with a 39.575 score. Macrie was second in the all-around (39.55) and Halovanic took third (39.425).

Jackson also won her second straight EAGL vault title, winning the event with a 9.925 score. She also tied for second place on bars (9.90) and tied for tenth on beam (9.825). She also tied for seventh on floor (9.925). Macrie was fifth on vault (9.85) and tied for second on bars (9.90). She also tied for fourth place on beam (9.85) and finished second on floor with a 9.95 score.

Halovanic was part of a three-way tie for the EAGL championship on balance beam. She had a 9.875 score. That tied her with Towson sophomore Jen Clarke (Seycove Academy/N. Vancouver, British Columbia) and junior Michelle Harley (Manettes/Collegeville, Pa.) of New Hampshire for the title.

Senior Kelli Brown (Tyrone H.S./Spruce Creek, Pa.) of NC State finished first on bars with a 9.925 score.

Junior Kristen Presutti (Toms River North H.S./Toms River, N.J.) of Towson, the EAGL Gymnast of the Year award winner, placed fourth in the all-around with a career high 39.40 score. She also tied for second place on vault (9.875) and tied for tenth on beam (9.825). On the floor exercise, she tied for second place with a career high 9.95 score.

Senior Lisa Mealey (Villa Joseph Marie H.S./Bensalem, Pa.) led Maryland to its third place finish. She took fifth in the all-around (39.375) and tied for sixth place on bars (9.875). She also tied for ninth place on floor exercise (9.90).


Team Scores: 1. North Carolina 196.425, 2. West Virginia 196.025, 3. Maryland 194.825, 4. North Carolina State 194.725, 5. New Hampshire 194.375, 6. Pittsburgh 194.275, 7. Rutgers 192.700, 8. Towson 192.350.

Vault: 1. TeShawne Jackson, WVU, 9.925, 2. Kristen Presutti, TOW, 9.875, Olivia Trusty, UNC, 9.875, Dinorh Boyd, WVU, 9.875, 5. Gillian Cote, UM, 9.85, Kristen Macrie, WVU, 9.85, 7. Tara Phillips, UNH, 9.825, Lisa Companioni, UNC, 9.825, Amy Williams, UNC, 9.825, Amanda Halovanic, WVU, 9.825.

Bars: 1. Kelli Brown, NCSU, 9.925, 2. Gillian Cote, UM, 9.900, Olivia Trusty, UNC, 9.90, TeShawne Jackson, WVU, 9.90, Kristen Macrie, WVU, 9.90, 6. Jenn Baierlein, TOW, 9.875, Lisa Mealey, UM, 9.875, Jen Dickson, UNH, 9.875, 9. Laura Jazab, NCS, 9.85, Marlyn Madey, NCS, 9.85, Kristen Marino, RUT, 9.85.

Beam: 1. Jen Clarke, TOW, 9.875, Michelle Harley, UNH, 9.875, Amanda Halovanic, WVU, 9.875, 4. Jen Dickson, UNH, 9.85, Katie Revis, UNH, 9.85, Bethany Wagner, UNH, 9.85, Natalie Halbach, UNC, 9.85, Andrea Petrocelli, NCS, 9.85, Kristen Macrie, WVU, 9.85, 10. Kristen Presutti, TOW, 9.825, Lisa Mealey, UM, 9.825, Liz Alsop, UNC, 9.825, TeShawne Jackson, WVU, 9.825, Jessica Rohm, WVU, 9.825.

Floor Exercise: 1. Anna Wilson, UNC, 9.975, 2. Kristen Presutti, TOW, 9.95, Maddy Curley, UNC, 9.95, Maddy Curley, UNC, 9.95, Courtney Turner, RUT, 9.95, Amanda Halovanic, WVU, 9.95, Kristen Macrie, WVU, 9.95, 7. Olivia Trusty, UNC, 9.925, TeShawne Jackson, WVU, 9.925, 9. Alyssa Mealey, UNC, 9.90, Lisa Mealey, UNC, 9.90, Katie Revis, UNH, 9.90, Monica Middleton, UNC, 9.90, Kelli Brown, NCS, 9.90, Katie Russo, RUT, 9.90, Dinorh Boyd, WVU, 9.90.

All-Around: 1. TeShawne Jackson, WVU, 39.575, 2. Kristen Macrie, WVU, 39.55, 3. Amanda Halovanic, WVU, 39.425, 4. Kristen Presutti, TOW, 39.40, 5. Lisa Mealey, UM, 39.375, 6. Anna Wilson, UNC, 39.200, 7. Diandra O'Connor, UP, 39.15, 8. Bethany Wagner, UNH, 39.025, 9. Gillian Cote, UM, 38.775, 10. Heather Launse, UP, 38.70.