Tumble Talk: Alex Zimmermann

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!

            The gymterps had a very successful week in the gym preparing for our first close door intersquad of the year. This mock meet is a way for the gymterps to practice competing in front of NCAA judges without the pressure of fans. The judges provided great feedback to where we stand as a team as entering our season.

Our practice schedule was a little different, given that we had our mock meet on a Friday. Usually we practice Monday,TuesdayThursday and Friday. However, since we competed on a Friday, we practiced on Sunday, had off Monday, team event TuesdayWednesday, and walk through on Thursday. I am extremely proud of my fellow gymterps. We pushed one another during bootcamp, getting stronger as a team, which was clearly evident through our performance this past week. We truly have so much heart and dedicated to become both mentally and physically stronger as competitors. Girls, who have been injured, came back with a vengeance to make lineup and help our team achieve our goal. Shout out to sophomore Haley Jones, who suffered from a torn ACL her freshman year, fought hard during bootcamp and now is competing vault and beam this early in the season. She fights everyday to become stronger and is on her way to competing all-around. The gymterps are glad to have such an asset back in action!

 Sundays practice was a great way to start off an important week of training. The girls came in with high energy and the mentality to not only hit, but also perfect. The assignments were light, but the girls did not take that casually. Every skill was done to the best of their abilities, thinking about the little things such as stuck landings, hit handstands and form. With the day off on Monday, the girls had a chance to rest their bodies and catch up on schoolwork. Moving into Tuesday andWednesday team events, we were all well rested and ready to hit, which we did! We really stepped up and proved to the coaches, that we were more than ready for our mock meet that Friday.

 Friday's intrasquad started off like a regular, in season home competition. We warmed up all the events in our practice leotards, than when it was time, we put on our competition leotards, terp tattoos and performed in front of the judges. Like any other home meet, we started off on vault. Lineup consisted of all 10.0 start value vaults, with additional exhibition performers. Then, moving to bars. A freshman, Sarah Faller, started us off with a gorgeous hit routine. This hit raised the excitement of gymterps and contagiously rubbed off on the following performers. Moving to beam. Again, Sarah Faller, started us off with another hit routine, while junior captain and All-American, Stephanie Giameo, ended with nearly perfect performance. Finally, ending on floor. The gymterps were all excited to show the judges their routines. Every single person showed off their dance and tumbling with confidence and excitement, thus resulting in all hits.

 It doesn't matter what might be thrown at us this year; we are all prepared for anything. We have the ability, mentality, and work ethic to leave the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC) being EAGL champions before moving into the Big Ten. This is our year!

 Proud Past Fearless Future!

Alex Zimmermann