Tumble Talk: Ebony Walters

Maryland Athletics
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Happy October Terp Fans!!

It has been an amazing week in the gym! This week we did not have bootcamp and we started to put our routines together. Everyone is on track and is doing an awesome job putting their skills together. Bootcamp has definitely helped us get to where we are now. It is so exciting seeing my teammates put new release moves and tumbling skills in their routines! 

This week we also had a visitor!! Russell is in town  making new floor routines for the season! So far Katy, Leah, Nikki, Sarah, and myself have worked with Russell and I think he has done a great job creating our routines. If you loved our floor last season, wait until you see this years floor routines! I cannot wait to be out on that floor competing again. 

It was nice having a weeks rest from bootcamp but we are so pumped to start back up again!! This Sunday is a surprise bootcamp, we have no idea what to expect but what ever the coaches have planned for us I'm sure will be challenging and really fun. Terps are ready to take the challenge! Keep reading to see how this upcoming week goes!!

Enjoy the warm weather :)