Tumble Talk: Haley Jones

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!!!

We've just finished another successful week of bootcamp! We have officially reached the half way mark, which is very exciting considering how hard we have all been working. I can really tell that all of our hard work is paying off because everyone is starting to feel stronger and we are looking so solid in the gym!

 Just like every Sunday, we start off the week with our runday. Every week Sunday runday proves to me how unstoppable our team can be. It’s so remarkable how we all really come together as a team and push each other through an intense workout. Then on Monday, we had a great practice to start off the week and finished with a T25 workout. Tuesday's practice was just as strong. After lift on Tuesday, Erinn surprised us by showing us some AMAZING new Under Armour leo’s that we would be wearing the following day for our annual Gym Terps poster photo shoot! Huge shout out to Erinn for designing us some of the coolest leo’s I have ever seen!!!

At our photo shoot we all got ready and put on our new leos, and looked fabulous! Photo shoot day is always something we all look forward to. Our photographer took a lot of awesome pictures and the team took a ton of personal pictures too; for Instagram of course! Which if you don’t already, you should follow @TerpsGymnastics. Brett is always on top of his Instagram game and always remembers his throwback Thursdays.

Finally, on Thursday and Friday, we finished off the week very strong. This was a great week of practice for us because we knew we needed to push hard through week three of bootcamp because we have week four off! The team really earned this week off because we have been pushing our hardest since day one. We are all looking forward to resting our bodies and minds this week by sticking to normal practice and skipping bootcamp training. This team is exceptional and I am so excited to see what the season has in store for us. The sky is the limit for us this year and we WILL rise to any occasion!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned in for next week's Tumble Talk with Ebony!

 Haley Jones