Quotes from Maryland's 2-1 Win Over ODU

Nov. 26, 2003

Head Coach Sasho Cirovski
Opening comments:
"Right after the ACC Tournament, I really felt like we needed to get our preseason zest back and start playing with a level of freedom, confidence and fun. I really thought we had a great eight or nine days of preparation with quality some time off and some fun training sessions to try and get that back. I think it was evident today. You saw a team that was very connected that played with a great deal of heart and skill. I really felt like this was one of our better performances this season--on par with the UCLA and Wake Forest games. When we play at that level we are a very, very good team.

" I thought we created numerous chances and we were unlucky not to finish them off. We need to do a little better job of finishing some of those chances. Our team defending today was really what set the stage. We did a good job of knowing where Attila and Kevon were and really containing them and I think that was one of the keys to the game. Right now, the mood among the team is very positive."

On Abe Thompson's play:
"Abe played in the first half. I thought he was very sharp and very dangerous any time he got the ball and really gave the team a lift. I was very proud of the way the team when Abe had his penalty kick saved - as far as I remember that was the first one anyone has ever stopped of his - and you could just see the tremendous the way that Abe and the players dealt with it. There was never a sign of frustration or let down; in fact, the team even raised there level of urgency."

On the team's depth:
"Our players that don't get a lot of time throughout the year get to play against our starters every day. We know they are ready and we are confident in them coming in and playing. We needed them today and we may need them Sunday."

On playing again:
"I think our players wanted to play this game 11 months ago. If we could've skipped the season and jumped here I think we would have wanted to do that. We understand what our goals are and what needs to get done and we are going to be very committed on Sunday."

On Old Dominion:
"Our guys were excited about playing ODU because they knew there was going to be a lot of quality soccer played today. Both teams come out with the philosophy of skillful, attractive ideas, and I think you saw that today. There weren't that many hard fouls or destructive plays. They have two of the better attacking players in our region and their skills were on display, and I think that we did a good job of containing them."

Jason Garey
On Old Dominion's play in the second half:
"I don't feel like they were getting very many chances in the second half. Maybe we didn't have as much possession as we did in the first half, but we were still dangerous. I don't think there was very much anxiety. Usually when we get a goal we win the game. Our defense is so good that we frustrate them and that creates other opportunities for a second or third goal."

On getting back and playing after 10 days off:
"We got smiles back on our faces and a little bounce back in our step. I think it helped a lot. We had fun the whole game. We were trying things and using our skill, and I think we played really good soccer today."

On his goal:
"Sumed made a great pass-I actually thought he was going to shoot it. We were taking kind of long shots and we really needed to get that final pass that would slip someone in to go one-on-one with the goalie. I just had to keep myself from running offsides and had a touch and looked up and saw that he was cheating near post and hit it far post."

Old Dominion forward Attila Vendegh
On the Maryland defense:
"[Maryland has] definitely one of the toughest defenses I've ever faced in four years of soccer."

Old Dominion defender Josh Hill
On the Terp forwards:
"They have a lot of speed--probably the most speed we have seen all year."