Maryland Football Defeats Eastern Michigan, 51-24

Sept. 20, 2008

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Postgame Quotes

Maryland Coach Ralph Friedgen
On today's game:
"Well it was a good victory that was hard fought. I thought Eastern Michigan played very well on offense. Offensively we played well, I think Coach Franklin was able to get everyone in the game. We were able to score a lot of points both running and throwing.

"We didn't play Da'Rel Scott, I was told that if we held him he would be 80 percent ready by Monday. So if we could afford to do that we would hold him, if we needed him we would have played him. Davin Meggett had a strained hamstring earlier in the week and he played through that and Josh Portis came in to give us a big lift at the end of the game. I think Chris Turner played another good game. I thought our kicking game was better but we are still not covering kickoffs as well as I would like. I thought our kickoff return was good and I think Obi kicked the ball well not only on field goals but also our kickoffs.

"So overall, I think we are getting better. This will be a tough stretch for us right now. We go down to `Death Valley' to play one of the most outstanding teams in the country and then we will go to Virginia which is always a tough game for us. This is an important part of the season for us and we need to gain momentum, which I think we are, and continue to improve each and every week."

On defensive breakdowns:
"I wasn't happy with our Thursday practice on defense. Part of it is that we lost three defensive backs, [Terrell] Skinner is not there, Richard Taylor had to get operated on and we probably won't have him for the rest of the year, and Nolan Carroll has a severe sprain in his ankle, so we are down three DBs. Wiseman and Barnes had to play the entire game. Carter came in some, so we basically played with three corners. A lot of our breakdowns were on linebackers. They were doing some good things; a linebacker had to carry a tight end during a play action and that put him in a tough situation. We made some adjustments at half time to help in the second half, but we really didn't play as well as I think we could have played. I knew this team would be really good on offense and similar to Middle Tennessee. I keep telling them these things but they don't believe me."

On the team's progression:
"I would have loved to be 4-0 but maybe you have to learn some things along the way. I see us getting better. I think sometimes my expectations are higher than theirs, I don't know. To me, you need to practice hard if you want to be good. We are still struggling to get that done and that frustrates me, because if you want to be good you have to work at it. You have to pay the price and hopefully it will start sinking in, but I do think we played better in some areas today. The team that is going to win the whole thing is going to be the team that can't have a letdown the next 11 or 12 games. You have to win on the road and we haven't shown that we are capable of doing that."

On game vs. Clemson:
"This is a very big stretch for us. I'm telling them we have to work, we have to get well and we have to put all of our focus in doing the best we can."

Maryland Players
Junior Quarterback Chris Turner

On the trick plays:
"When we are running those plays there are a lot of thing the offense, especially the offensive line has to focus on. They have to make sure nobody comes through the line untouched, and you have to make sure we alert everyone about what's going on."

On the upcoming game against Clemson:
"After the game coach just brought up the fact that we needed to move on and get ready for Clemson. Every time we go down there it seems like it's a crazy game one way or another and that's what we anticipate this week. If we could get this win that would really get us on track."

Senior Defensive Back Kevin Barnes
On the play of the Eastern Michigan offense:
"They had a few good plays that took us out of rhythm, but I think over all we were just thinking too much and expecting too many little plays. We pretty much practiced every play that they did; we just didn't go out there and play our style."

On what the defense is going to do to get ready for Clemson:
"We just need to go out and work really hard this week. The past two weeks, I don't think we played as well as we should and I think some of the guys were kind of saving themselves a little bit to get healthy."

Sophomore Running Back Morgan Green
On the play of the offense:
"I think overall, the offense played really well. We could have ran the ball a little better, but for the most part the offensive line played great and I just took what they gave me."

Junior Wide Receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey
On the upcoming game against Clemson:
"My focus is solely on the next game against Clemson. We need to go out in practice and work really hard to prepare for them. It's going to be a fun game."

On the confidence of the team:
"Each week we try and grow and we didn't play the best we could today. We have to improve each week because the confidence is there. We just have to go out and give 100 percent on every play, which is tough but it's our mindset."

Eastern Michigan Coach Jeff Genyk
On the injury to quarterback Andy Schmitt:
"He got hurt in practice for the Toledo game and was unable to play this week. We just tried to see what he could do and he couldn't perform at a high level. Kyle made a number of runs for us last year and continues to progress."

On positives from the game:
"I thought we really tackled well. Our objective was to defend the run, and I really felt like we improved our tackling. We gave up some big plays. I think both of those reverses were really big plays. They threw the ball down the field. They tried to take what we were giving them. The bottom line is that when you come in as a Mid-American Conference team, you want to keep it a game in the fourth quarter, exactly like we did. Thirteen minutes to go, we were down by 13. We were rolling down the middle and then we dropped the ball. We just have to execute and make two wide-open plays and get a touchdown, and all of a sudden it's a six-point game. Our young quarterback has to execute. Our plan worked very well. We just have to make sure that we execute when the plays present themselves."

On the offense:
"I was really surprised we were able to move the ball the way we did. I think our offensive line did a great job blocking. I thought Kyle made a lot of plays in the passing game. Red-zone efficiency is something a young quarterback is really struggling with. The second possession and he throws the interception at the 5-yard line. Getting in there, we should be able to score when we get the ball down there inside the 10-yard line."

EMU Sophomore Quarterback Kyle McMahon
On the team's performance:
"We executed our base plays pretty well, but there were times we could have executed just a little better which would have made a difference in the game. I think our defense played a really great game, tackling wise, execution wise; giving us chances to make the plays that we needed to make. We just needed to take it to the next level and make the plays."

On their offensive mentality:
"We just knew what we wanted to do each drive. We weren't worrying about anything. Not worrying about who was across from the ball, not worrying about the score, just going play-for-play. We were worrying about one play at a time. When a play is called, you just have to know your job on that play and it's over. Then it's a brand new start, you've got a new play and you execute on that one. If you do that you can work towards the bigger picture."

On failing to finish some of their drives in the red zone:
"They got more pressure on us with their four man rush. We did a good job all game throwing it up, but they put more pressure on us near the end. I have to make my check downs that much quicker and still make the plays we need in those situations."