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Sept. 23, 2000

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"Winning is better than losing any day. We did throw the ball. People were stacking up against the run and we've been able the last couple of weeks to take advantage of over-aggressive defenses, throwing the ball. Hopefully, that will start loosening up the run game.

"I thought (quarterback ) Calvin McCall for the most part was particularly sharp. Our receivers did a good job catching the ball. Our receivers also did a good job blocking.

"Defensively... Middle Tennessee had some early opportunities and our defense completely shut `em down most of the first half. We gave up a couple of big plays. We got fooled on the double-pass- as much as we run that ourselves, you think we'd defend that better. We got fooled their and then we let them hit a draw on us in man coverage when everybody's got there back turned and they went the distance. Other than those big plays, I thought overall we played pretty well defensively and played the way we wanted to."

On the blitz: "We did the best job of any of the three teams that I saw play Middle Tennessee at showing them the blitz-look almost every down and changing up our coverages. When we did pressure, we were very close to the line of scrimmage... Even though it was the kind of game where you don't always get to the quarterback, we forced a lot of errant throws with pressure and we tipped a lot of balls at the line of scrimmage. I think, overall, we were pretty effective with what we did, other than a couple of those big plays."

On LaMont Jordan: "I don't think the problem has been LaMont. I thought LaMont's done a good job and ran the ball effectively, we just have to give him more room to run."

"Here's what I felt good about. They got a couple of quick scores on us in the third quarter, but our offense answered every one. We scored on four consecutive drives, and that's terrific. We haven't been doing that- we stop ourselves. We've got to eliminate the penalties that we are incurring. A lot of those are legit calls, and doggone we've got to stop doing that to ourselves, because against good football teams, it's harder to recover."

On Quarterback Calvin McCall: "I think Calvin threw very sharp, I think our concepts have been very good, and I think the protection has been pretty good. They brought pressure every third down. For the most part, we did a good job against them... I think Calvin's throwing the ball more effectively. I think our quarterback coach Mike Gundy also deserves some credit for working with Calvin- he just understands and feels better."

On Jeff Dugan: "Dugan is continuing to show us he is a good player... Dugan gives us a solid run blocker who's just getting better and he's also proving to be a good receiver."