Maryland-Tulsa Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“I’m very happy with the win. Tulsa came out playing well and making shots. We were a little flat offensively to start, our better shooters were missing shots and that carried over. Seth Allen did what Seth Allen does and got us going. He got to the rim and hit a couple 3-pointers in that stretch. He really got us going and makes everybody better, and most importantly he gave us depth. Two guys played 33 minutes, which is more than what I wanted to play them but we had to. I thought Jonathan Graham was terrific, great hustle plays. I thought Damonte [Dodd] did great in his start did pretty well. We talked at halftime about getting to the line more and that’s what we did; we didn’t settle for jump shots and we drove more. It was a really good win for us and it’s great to have Seth back.”

On Seth Allen returning tonight:

“The doctors kept telling me he was cleared, it’s just as much as he can take stamina-wise and he got a little tired there at the end and that’s why he didn’t play as much. It was a little more than what I wanted to play him and it affected his defense a little. I knew he was going to play well, he’s a special athlete and a good player. It’s just good to get him back and I think it gave everybody including myself confidence going into this game”

On decision starting Damonte Dodd:

“It’s been eight days since we’ve played Boston University and I needed to just do something. Damonte has length and is a shot blocker; that’s why I did it, just to give him some experience. He actually played better than how I expected him to play. He gave us 15 good minutes.”

On Jonathan Graham:

“I think tonight might have tied the most minutes for Jonathan tonight. Jon is a very good defender who plays hard. Offensively, he’s not a guy that demands the ball; those guys are nice to have. He just wants to get tip-ins and lay-ups around the rim. He’s a coach’s dream, a kid that plays hard and tries to do everything right and great kid and teammate.”

On his 300th career win:

“The thing I’m probably most proud of is surviving some tough situations. When I took the Jacksonville State job, I thought I was going to be 300-0, I was so cocky but this game humbles you quick. It took a lot longer than I thought it was for me to get here, but I hope the next 300 come a lot faster.”

Junior guard Nick Faust

On if he expected Seth Allen to comeback as quickly as he did:

“I did. Seth [Allen] plays with a lot of confidence and he came back and did a great job with running the team and finding his shot.”

On how the team is different with Seth Allen on the court:

“We’re more spread out and everyone is more in attack mode and we’re just a much more positive team.”

On staying confident despite trailing by 15 points:

“We had a new motto as a team starting at the beginning of the year. Guys just stay positive and we never really get down on ourselves in the first half because we believe that as long as we get stops we can come back. We just keep a positive attitude and just try to do everything right.” 

Sophomore guard Seth Allen

On being on the floor and contributing to the win:

“It was very exciting just to get back on the floor. I was anxious to play with my team again. It was great.”

On process of rehab:

“I’ve been getting x-rays, doing rehab, running on a treadmill. I’ve been doing a lot of rehab. I’ve been doing everything I could just to get back and it’s just a blessing to get back this early and I’ll take it. I understood I had to do it. Even the days I didn’t want to do it, I had to.”

On his performance:

“I didn’t really worry about it. I just wanted to see…I practiced the last two days pretty hard. We went twice a day so I knew it was going to be sore. I was nervous going in but I wasn’t scared not playing well. I didn’t think I was going to play as well as I did but I can still do better. I just got to focus on the next game. This one’s over.”

Junior guard Dez Wells

On the recent break:

“We had five days off and Coach Turgeon didn’t want us to do anything. He wanted us to just relax and stretch and take as much time off going into ACC play. That’s when the grind really starts. We were winded tonight but we fought through it, fought the fatigue and we got it done. That’s all that matters, we got it done.”

On Seth Allen’s impact:

“I expect him to have a great impact regardless. He did a good job of coaching us up as he was on the sidelines but he did a great job coming out here and playing in his first game back.”

On Seth Allen:

“Everybody has a big role. We can’t really call everyone’s role out but he brings something to the table that we need for us to win. He’s going to rest, elevate his foot, and really just try to get his feet under him. That’s really what he has to do. He came back quicker than I thought he would too.”

Tulsa Head Coach Danny Manning

On Seth Allen’s return making a difference:

“I think he played a good game. He hit two three-pointers in the first half and one more in the second. He made some deep range three pointers. He is a very talented kid and is a factor for that team in terms of scoring points. As for as his position and leadership skills, I thought Nick [Faust] shot the ball exceptionally too. He is also a talented basketball player. He does a great job slashing through the bucket. Tonight, he made shots. He is always a capable shooter, but if you take away the drive he knocks down the shots. That’s what good players do. Across the board they had guys come out and play exceptionally.”

On the difference in the first and second half play:

“I thought we were shooting the ball well. We were shooting the ball well, and they weren’t shooting it well, but you knew at some point they were going to make a run and get things clicking. I believe they went on an 18-4 run, so we have to do a better job of stopping the bleeding. We came down on transition and we want our guys to be aggressive. We probably clicked off one or two shots on transition that we probably would have got the ball in. I thought we did some things well, but obviously we didn’t do enough to win. We have to use these kinds of games to make us better, knowing that we get confidence playing on the road. We’ve been in hostile situations and other people’s gyms. We understand what it takes. When we talked about it earlier we compared it to bowling; we had too many open frames and were not able to close them in terms of execution offensively and defensively the whole time. That is something that we’ve got to continue to work at and get better.”

On coaching against former teammate Mark Turgeon:

“It was a lot of fun. We shared a great history together… a lot of good stories and good times. I remember when he got the job in Jacksonville and I actually became a booster of Jacksonville because of him. I’ve followed his career all the way through and he has had great success. We knew that there was going to be a winner and a loser. However, the respect and love that we have against one another won’t change.”

On his team’s performance against Maryland:

“I thought we did some OK things. It was not enough to win the game. We don’t have any more victories than we did before we played this game. We’ve got some things that we can build on. We just have to make sure that we close out all of our frames.”