Maryland-GW Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“It was a great college basketball game. GW is a really good basketball team. Their big guys just gave us fits all day and really played well. Of course [Maurice] Creek is a great player and now he’s healthy and playing like it. He made the shot of the game. They made free throws when they had to make them. I was really proud of my team. We tried hard. We don’t have a lot of things going our way right now. Balls are going in-and-out. Guys are making tough shots against us. We never quit and had a chance to win it. When we had the ball with the score tied I thought we got fouled. It ended up being a foul on us. That was a big play in the game. There’s a lot of basketball left and hopefully we can get better.

On coming back from down 14 points without Dez Wells:

“It was nice to do it without Dez. I gained a lot of confidence. I thought Jonathan Graham gave us great minutes. He played hard and we raised our intensity up a level because of him. Dez was in and out of foul trouble the whole second half and he was starting to get it going. It was good to see. We’re just missing some shots that we need to make. In the first half I thought we took a lot of bad shots. When we made the game chaotic, we were pretty good. We got outrebounded and that was one of our emphases. But to do that without Dez was a good sign.”

On Roddy Peters’ performance:

“I thought he just played. He made some nice plays. They went zone, so we had one less shooter out on the floor. They didn’t guard Roddy, so he kept trying to make plays. He did some nice things. Defensively, he had the big steal there at halfcourt and had the steal on the press. I thought our whole team was more aggressive. I’ve got to get our guys playing at the start of the game better without pressing. We can’t rely on that, but I was proud of Roddy.”

Maryland Junior Forward Jonathan Graham

On the last shot and how it looked:

“[Maurice Creek] made a crazy good shot, you can’t take away from that. It was a tough angle. To me it looked to be going a little to the left, but he made it. He’s a good player. I remember playing against him when he was at Indiana and I was at Penn State. He’s a good player and he made a tough shot.”

On gaining more playing time:

“All I’m really worried about is what is best for the team. If that means my minutes go up so we can win then so be it. All I’m worried about is winning games.”

On Dez Wells fouling out:

“We just all rallied around eachother. We knew Dez [Wells] fouled out and we didn’t want to hold our heads down. We just got together and said that we’re going to keep playing hard and giving it everything we got.”

On what made the press so effective towards the end:

“Just playing hard. We really got after it playing in the press. We kept our hands high and got a lot of deflections. We played tremendous defense and a lot of it was from our effort.”

Maryland Sophomore Forward Jake Layman

On the slow start:

“Our press sparked us but we need to learn that it can’t always be our press that sparks us. We have to be solid defensively and offensively.”

On overall thoughts:

“Jon [Graham] and Roddy [Peters] definitely stepped up and we know what intensity we have to play with to be a great team.”

On GW first half:

“They made a lot of shots. They hit their shots when they were open and we didn’t. We had trouble getting through screens and talking on defense was an issue.”

On the first half:

It’s all a learning experience. We’re only nine games into the season. We just have to keep working hard and good things will happen.”

George Washington Head Coach Mike Lonergan

On the last play:

“I just wanted everybody to go flat. I didn’t want to call a timeout because Coach Turgeon’s a very good coach and Miami -- we did the same thing -- didn’t call a timeout then. So I called a timeout and Mo [Creek] was like ‘I want the ball’ in a respectful way. Joe had been making his free throws so he just got out of the way. I was hoping [Creek] would take it to the rim because he’s such a good free throw shooter. But when he crossed over and pulled up, I thought that [Faust] might get a piece but once he cleared the defender I thought it was going in. Then I saw 0.6 [seconds] and I hesitated. I really actually wanted to call a timeout almost just so nothing could happen. Then they threw it long and I was praying they didn’t get a shot off.”

On the Maryland press:

“Well they gained momentum. I think the technical foul helped. I think it allowed them to play a little bit more physical and we lost our composure, there’s no doubt about it. Joe [McDonald] is a heck of a point guard. He’s not the quickest guy to get open and we needed others guys to come back and get open. But we panicked and old momentum kicked in. They gained momentum. But I give [Maryland] credit. That press definitely hurt us.”

On getting penetration with perimeter players:

“I think Kethan [Savage] did a really good job taking advantage of some mismatches. But I give them credit. They made adjustments when we went to score. I think we got tired. Kethan got leg cramps and we were definitely sucking some wind there. We controlled tempo probably for the first 30 minutes and then Maryland started getting some easier baskets in transition and off their press.”

George Washington Guard Maurice Creek

On his last second game-winning shot:

“I told coach that I wanted the ball. He got me the ball and we made a great play.”

On his hustle play on the defensive end down the stretch:

“I can’t even remember it right now, my mind is all jumbled up. They made some great plays, we made some great plays, but we made the greatest play at the end.”

On what he attributes his big scoring performance to:

“Just me being comfortable. They made plays for me and I wanted to make big plays for them. When we get comfortable with each other and with our offense it’s great. We get wide-open shots, wide-open layups, tip ins, dunks, so it is great to have a team that has so much chemistry and gets things done.”

On his journey from transferring from Indiana to coming here:

“I am glad this day has come and I am glad I had the opportunity to take that shot that everyone dreams of taking and to actually make that shot that everyone wants to take.”

George Washington Guard Joe McDonald

On how hard it was to play against Maryland’s press:

“They are long. Like coach said, I am not very fast, so it was pretty hard to get open against it. They got us a little rattled, but we made plays late that helped us win.”

George Washington Forward Isaiah Armwood

On what changed in Jake Layman’s game from the first to the second half:

“I am not positive. I knew he was a good shooter. We went to a 1-3-1 zone and they got a couple of open looks in the second half and we were scrambling. Other than that, I am not sure because I was not guarding him.”