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April 12, 2013

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following the 2013 Maryland football spring game.

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:
"I thought it was really good tonight. I was very impressed with the effort and intensity and the hitting that took place. The kids really came out and got after it. I was impressed with the people that were out here. What a great night and the weather cooperated. I couldn't be more pleased with what has taken place in the 15 days we had during the spring. It culminated tonight with a good effort from everyone out here."

On the running game:
"I limited what the defense could do. It was still good to see [from] them. That is what we have seen out of Brandon [Ross] and Albert [Reid] all spring along with how they run. The one thing we have to be able to do is run the ball efficiently. When we do that it opens up the passing game. With the skill guys we have at wide receiver it will make us more productive and a chance to get big plays. They ran the way they have been running all spring."

On Stefon Diggs:
"He is better this spring. He is more focused, not to say that he wasn't before. He really wants to be better. He doesn't want to stay the same, he doesn't want to regress. He really understands the effort that has to go into being a good player. He was selected as one of the ten leaders on the team. I have created a leadership council; we aren't going to have team captains this year. We will select game captains week by week. I had the coaches recommend a guy from their position who they felt could be a leader of their group and the team."

"Stefon was the guy at wide receiver, Albert [Reid] at running back, C.J. [Brown] was the quarterback, Dave Stinebaugh the tight end, Sal Conaboy the offensive lineman, Darius Kilgo on the defensive line, Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil at outside linebacker, Cole Farrand is the inside backer, J.J. [Jeremiah Johnson] at the secondary, and Greg Parcher the long snapper. We let them know that. I think Stefon is making sure he can do everything he can to live up to the role he now has as part of that leadership council."

On the quarterback play:
"With Ricardo [Young] the big thing I thought he did tonight was be inconsistent. We have to get more consistent. Dustin Dailey is a guy who got better this spring. [Shawn] Petty was a guy who they were able to but plays in with trick plays. That is something they did; it won't be in our arsenal for the season. That was for the fans."

On who stood out:
"There were some guys who made individual plays out there. J.J. [Jeremiah Johnson] made the pick; Zach [Dancel] made the pick. Some guys had sacks. We will have to take a look at film and evaluate the entire fifteen days. We will end up creating a depth chart out of those fifteen days and it will be something that we put together heading into the fall. We will then put in the newcomers, many of who were here today which is great to see, they have been working hard and lifting. Overall, I am pleased with what we did and got accomplished. We have some big things ahead of us for this summer."

Junior Linebacker Cole Farrand
On the team's depth:
"We're definitely getting depth. Everyone that's on the field wants to play and the second team wants to play. Everyone is fighting for position out here. The intensity was great out here, and it was just a good game."

On the offense:
"Today [the offense] was doing a really good job of establishing the running game. It's usually a hard point for the offense; they're usually more of a passing offense. They're definitely establishing a run game very well and they were using it to their advantage."

Junior Defensive Lineman Darius Kilgo
On players who have stepped up:
"I feel like Quinton Jefferson has definitely stepped up. He's become a great player. Nate Clarke has also done a great job."

On preparing for the season:
"We definitely want to work hard, get in the weight room and condition to get ready for the fall."

On the tie:
"I don't feel too good about it. I guess we're all getting steak and lobster, but that's how it goes."

Sophomore Running Back Albert Reid
On what the running backs need to work on:
"We need to stay on our blocks; technique, fundamentals. We need to get all that together so we can come out in August and be ready to play. We have a big season coming up."

On the running game:
"Every time something went wrong on the field, we came to the sideline and talked it over, went back on the field and got better. That's all we need, is chemistry. We have to come together, talk on the field and execute."

Sophomore Running Back Brandon Ross
On his improved play late last season:
"I went down earlier in the season and it was just a matter of getting my opportunities again, and that was how I emerged late in the season."

On the offensive line:
"They're coming along well. It's a process of trying to make progress every day. What we need to do is work hard in the summer, so when camp comes around we're ready to go."

On combining with Albert Reid:
"It could be something special. We've just got to keep working and stay healthy."

Sophomore Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs
On his game:
"I had an OK game. Ricardo played big, O-line blocked well and we just played as a collective unit on both sides of the ball."

On how the offense is progressing:
"We feel comfortable because we know what we're doing. Last year, we knew what we were doing but we weren't very comfortable, but this year we've got a year under our belt, so now we know how the plays work, how we work off other guys and what we can bring to the table."

On the quarterback situation:
"I know for a fact that both quarterbacks are great. They both do a great job. They both study film and do what quarterbacks are supposed to do. They both are great quarterbacks. You've got to work around those guys and do what you can to help your team. I look forward to seeing who gets the job."

On the offense is different than last year:
"We've got a lot more threats; Deon Long, Nigel King, Marcus Leak... I feel as if we're going to have an electrifying offense. We've got two great quarterbacks that can bring things to the table so we feel comfortable out here."