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Feb. 6, 2013

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Quotes from the University of Maryland football team's 2013 signing day.

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening statement:
"I want to congratulate and thank my coaching staff for the outstanding job that they did securing this 22 player recruiting class. I would also like to thank all of the people associated with our program here in Gossett, but also within the university family. We couldn't have achieved the results that we achieved today without a lot of people being involved and doing the work that they did. This work didn't just happen during the recruitment period, but through the past few years because a recruiting class does not just culminate in one year. Relationships are built over years. Signing day was pretty uneventful expect for the fact that a few players were making decisions today. We felt good about all three going into it, but you just never know until they call you, or they sign. We are very pleased with what took place today with Jacquille Veii, Taivon Jacobs and Yannick Ngakoue. To be able to go 3-for-3 on signing day makes a big statement about what we are doing here and the direction we are heading with our program. Our class is 22 members strong, and three of the guys are already here and are getting involved with the program. They have 19 other players who are going to be joining them June 16."

On if joining the Big Ten changes the recruiting philosophy:
"We have a philosophy of where we want to be and what we have to do to be successful. We play in the ACC for one more year, so we are concentrating on that right now. Then we will move to focusing on the Big Ten. Based on what we know, we will have a plan and a formula that we want to go into the Big Ten with. We are going to have to be able to stop and defend, so we are gearing towards that moving forward."

On recruiting from around metro area:
"There is an opportunity here at Maryland because of our location to get a lot of skilled athletes with speed and great ability. We are going to get the kids from this area that we feel can make us better and then we are going to go to Florida, Georgia and some other places to get other kids that we feel can help us. We feel like we can do ourselves well by getting skilled athletes in this area. Our location will also attract other kids to come here."

On speed and athleticism:
"It is always a focus, but we don't want to lose sight or focus on getting the kids with playing speed, but also great football players. They might be able to run really fast, but they might not be the best football players, so we are trying to keep both in mind. We have to recruit for all positions differently, but we have to recruit speed and athleticism to be successful in our schemes. This year, we have got some of those kids. Most of our kids are long and lean, but it is our job as coaches is to build them both mentally and physically."

Recruiting Coordinator John Dunn

On adding positions of need:
"I think every year you are looking at needs depending on who graduated and what you are looking to do schematically. I think the line is somewhere where we needed to add depth and athleticism to, and I think we did that. Linebackers, we are in a 3-4 scheme and I think opposed to a 4-3 you have another linebacker so you need to add numbers. Receivers, those guys that can run and do things with the ball in their hands helps you win games. We had a chance to add some dynamic playmakers to our offense which is big."

On adding speed:
"No matter what position, offensive line, defensive line, and defensive back you need speed and athleticism and that's what you win with. I think every time we look at a player, regardless of position, speed and athleticism is one of the things that we look at. Speed is something that can help you. You have to be able to match up personnel. That's the way the game is played now. It's a personnel driven game. I think we are able to do that now."

On recruiting locally:
"The DMV [DC, Maryland, Virginia] area is huge. We talk about the conferences, but that is always going to be the recruiting base for us, that's where we will start. I think that is where you build your program, with guys from your own base. It's huge for us. It helps further those relations with the coaches and the people from the area."

On comparing this year's class to last years:
"Every year is different in terms of what you need. We were able to get another dynamic receiver. We got Stefon [Diggs] last year, and got three dynamic receivers this year. Every position is a little different. It's hard to compare classes; I will say that we met what we were looking for."

Offensive Lineman Salvano Altamirano

On adjusting to Maryland:
"It was a culture shock over here. The farthest I had been away from home was Texas and that was for a recruiting visit. It was different. But I feel comfortable now."

On having a chance to play immediately:
"I thought about that. Getting a chance to play right away, or challenge for a spot was important. I had other opportunities where they told me I would start. But I thought Maryland was the best opportunity for me education-wise and being in this program. I like what they are doing so far."

On the competition for playing time on the line:
"I think it will be a good competition. We will find out during spring. Right now me as a player and a person are completely different. Off the field there are a lot of smiles and not a lot of talking. On the field I am more aggressive and it will be good competition. Competition brings out the best in me."

Defensive Back Will Likely

On what drew him to Maryland:
"I felt comfortable with Coach Stewart, Coach Powell, and Coach Edsall. They were laid back; they weren't trying to rush me. They were recruiting me but didn't make me rush anything and that's what I liked the most out of them."

On turning down Florida State to come to Maryland:
"It was my dream school. But at the end of the day you have to go to what is right for you at that given time. You can't just go somewhere because it is your dream school. I talked it over with my parents and we thought that Maryland was the best fit for me. We kept talking to Coach Stewart and we kept a great conversation going with them. They weren't rushing anything. I respected that from them."

On his focus on academics:
"Since I was in grade school my mom was always down my throat about grades. Looking now as a kid you just want to play sports. Getting older you see that there are a lot of great players that went to my school that couldn't do anything because of their grades. They had to go do JUCO. I didn't want to be one of those guys. I wanted to stand out and be different. That is why I cherish my grades more than anything. It is a blessing for me to have the skills, but without the grades I can't do anything."

Wide Receiver Deon Long

On what convinced him to come to Maryland:
"Basically, just growing up in the area, and coming up here to watch the games since I was a young kid. Also, working out with Vernon Davis and Torrey Smith, and just always knowing I wanted to be a Terp. I missed home, and I am excited to be back. Another factor was Ricardo [Young] and [Stefon] Diggs, playing with some people that I know. Playing on a team with people you already know just makes you want to go harder."

On playing alongside Stefon Diggs:
"I call him the `Young Great One' because he is really good, and before he came to college we were on the field together playing. I know what he can do and he knows what I can do. He is a great guy to play beside."

On skills learned from previous schools:
"Discipline; the time is now, there is no messing around. We have a goal in mind and we are taking the steps we need to get there. Coming here a semester early gives me time to get to know the playbook. I am quite familiar with the offense, but it gives me time to go through spring ball and go through the installs."